Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

July 18

ACCIDENT:The reporting party contacted 911 to report a non-injury crash that occurred at 8:30 a.m. in front of 395 N. Rangeline Rd. He reported that he swerved to miss a concrete mixer truck that was northbound and was in his lane. He struck the mailbox on the west side of the road that belongs to 395 N. Rangeline Road, Pleasant Hill. The concrete truck was a non-contact unit and continued northbound.

ASSAULT: A deputy responded to the Incarceration Facility for an assault complaint. After further investigation one

male was charged with assault.

INMATE ISSUE: A deputy responded to the Miami County Downtown Jail on a report of an unknown problem on the third floor. It was later found out there was a cell block on lockdown and several inmates were failing to obey commands. A detective was spit on in the process of escorting inmate Je-Tarre Washington, 32, of Dayton, to a holding cell. Je-Tarre was charged with intimidation by inmate.

TRUCK STOLEN: A deputy was dispatched to a theft of a white Chevrolet truck in the 7000 block of South County Road 25-A, Tipp City. The vehicle had been stolen in the middle of the day. A BOLO was sent out through adjacent agencies and entered as stolen.

TRESPASSING: A subject was cited for trespassing in the 4300 block of Rudy Road, Bethel Twp. at the landowner’s request.

DOG ISSUE: A deputy was at Charleston Falls doing a park check when a loose dog started running across the parking lot attacking other dogs. The deputy was able to grab a hold of the dogs leash and get control of the loose dog. The owner of the dog, Staci Lovy, came running out of the restroom. It appeared the dog was left in her running vehicle when she went to use the restroom. She had rolled the window down and the dog jumped out. The dog then began running after other dogs in the parking lot and attacked them. The deputy made contact with the other dog owners who stated their dogs were not hurt and did not wish to pursue anything. Staci was informed to make sure her dogs were under control at all times.