Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

May 2

OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to an apparent overdose in the 4th Street area in Concord Twp. The subject was transported to UVMC.

May 3

ACCIDENT: A two-vehicle accident was reported at West State Route 36 and 571 in Newberry Twp.

DAMAGE: A mailbox was damaged in the 1800 block of Greenlee Road, Newton Twp. by a hit skip accident.

SCHOOL ISSUE: SRO Edmondson was informed by a Bethel School District employee about a

concerning caption a student posted on Instagram sometime this morning. Subsequently at the end of the investigation the

student was charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct.

ASSIST AGENCIES: A deputy responded with the Health Department, Children Services, and the Animal Shelter to 3300 block of Peebles Road, Concord Twp. The complaint was initiated from a barking dog complaint the night before. Once at the scene contact was made with the homeowner. There is sufficient evidence at the scene for the three listed agencies to open an investigation. This case is pending further investigation.

MAIL ISSUE: A theft report of mail in the 3400 block of Lilac Lane, Monroe Twp. was reported.

SEX OFFENDER: Deputies responded to 401 W. Main St. in Fletcher in regards to a warrant. Beau Lavey had an active warrant out of Franklin County for failing to register as a sex offender. Upon arrival to the address, Beau was seen outside behind his house and was detained. Beau’s information was relayed to dispatch, and his warrant was confirmed. Beau was then arrested and transported to the downtown jail.

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputy responded to a two vehicle accident at the intersection of N. County Road 25-A and Lytle Road, Concord Twp. A strong odor of marijuana was found to be coming from one of the vehicles. A probable cause search was performed and approximately 29 grams of marijuana, $140 in cash, and a scale was found in the trunk of the vehicle in question. The driver of the vehicle will be charged with possession of marijuana.