Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Oct. 9

CREDIT CARD THEFT: A deputy made contact with a West Milton resident who wanted to make a report in reference to an unknown person(s) that had used three of her credit cards. Her bank, which is Fifth Third, needed a report for their investigators.

FRAUD: A resident in the 500 block of Windmere Drive, Troy, reported she had fallen victim to an email and checking account transfer fraud. She advised she was scammed out of $1813.

Oct. 10

NOISE COMPLAINT FROM PARTY BARN: A deputy responded to the area of 395 N. Rangeline Rd., Pleasant Hill in reference to a loud complaint. The complainant had advised dispatch of ongoing issues with the neighbor holding loud parties at a residence.

When the deputy arrived in the area, she drove by the residence three times, with the window down, to listen for excessive noise. The residence where the party was being held was back a lane, and not visible from the road. There was a sign advertising a wedding by the entrance of the driveway. The deputy did not hear any noise the first time by. The second time, the deputy heard what was first believed to be a female laughing. The third time, the deputy was able to hear faint music, predominantly bass. The approximate time was between 8:15 and 8:30 p.m.

The deputy drove up to the residence, where a wedding reception was taking place in a barn. The deputy spoke with a member of the wedding party who went to find someone who was in charge of either the party or the venue. The deputy then spoke with Gary Ward, the property owner and advised him of the complaint. He explained he lived at the residence and had gone through the zoning requirements to offer his barn as a venue for wedding receptions and other parties. He stated all music was stopped at 11 p.m. per zoning requirements, and he had a sound level measuring device to keep track of how loud parties got. He stated he tried to keep the decibel level “around 58.” The deputy requested Gary and those who were present to assist as venue-operators be mindful of the complaint and not allow the volume to be turned up, and to be sure it was turned off at 11 p.m. as required. They stated they would do so. At the time the deputy was present, as well as during the noted observations while driving by, the deputy did not find the music or overall party noise level to be excessive for a Saturday evening at that time of day.

The deputy called the complainant, per her request, after speaking with the venue owner. The complainant explained it bothered her and several neighbors when parties were held there. She advised they were regular occurrences on weekends from April to October. In the past, she had not contacted law enforcement, but had called Gary’s house to speak with him directly. She stated she had other concerns, in addition to the noise, to include shuttle buses traveling on the road, and the location of Gary’s driveway on a curve where there may be potential for a traffic accident, when people who are unfamiliar with the area look for the address. The deputy advised, based on that evening’s observations, there were no grounds for legal action. The deputy told her she had asked him to keep the noise level under control, and the music turned off at 11 p.m. The deputy advised the complainant to call back if it got louder or did not stop at the appropriate time. In reference to her other concerns, the deputy told her she could express ongoing issues to the township or zoning.

Oct. 11

OVI: A deputy stopped the described vehicle for a speed violation at Pisgah Road and State Route 571, Tipp City. The driver, Jaclynn Coffman, was found to be OVI. She was issued a citation for OVI and speed and was released to a sober driver.

GUN STOLEN: The reporting party reported that someone had stolen a lock box that contained a gun and $1000 from inside her car while it was parked at 1535 E. U.S. 36 Piqua, OH.

Oct. 12

ASSAULT: A resident in the 10000 block of State Route 48, in Newberry Township, called 911 and advised a 17 year old was chasing a 10 year old with a butcher knife. After an investigation was completed the 17 year old was incarcerated at West Central for assault.

Oct. 13

HOUSE FIRED RULED UNDETERMINED: On October 1, 2015, Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputies assisted Fletcher Fire with a house fire at 5355 E. Snyder Rd. A deputy arrived an spoke with Fletcher Fire Chief. He advised that he had called the State Fire Marshal to look at the fire. He then advised that the homeowner was home at the time of the fire but was in the barn. The deputy then spoke with the home owner Kevin Kohlhorst. He advised that he was in the barn and heard a vehicle pull into the drive, when he came out he could see the smoke and fire. He advised the fire was on the north side of the residence. He advised that he tired to call 911 but the land line was dead and the people in the car said they called already. The deputy then asked Kevin to draw a layout of the house, which he did. The deputy then asked when he was last in the residence and he advised around 9 a.m. He advised he came out of the residence turned on the fan under the trailer and went to the barn to do some work.

The deputy then spoke with Amy Kohlhorst who advised she was at work and received a call from Kevin advising the house was on fire. She advised she got in her vehicle and came home. She advised she left for work that morning around 7:45 A.M. She advised she had a cup of coffee around 6 a.m.

The State Fire Marshal then arrived at the location. This officer spoke with him and was advised that he was going to call it undetermined. The deputy then spoke with the home owners and had them write out statements.

THEFT: A deputy reported to the 300 block of Childrens Home Road, Troy, on a theft complaint.

FIREWOOD GONE: A resident in the 1900 block of Shaggybark Road, Troy, reported firewood from his front yard was stolen.

DEER STRIKE: Around 9 p.m., a juvenile driver was traveling east on Staley Road near State Route 201 when he struck a deer in the roadway causing damage to the front left bumper of the vehicle.