Miami County Real Estate Transactions


C and C Land Group LLC, VSF Holdings Ltd. to VSF Investments 5 Ltd., one lot, $0.

Charles McGovern III, Kristina McGovern to Linda Bentley, one lot, $2,000.

Racha Alkazbari to Al Mouthanna Rajab, one lot, $0.

Al Mouthanna Rajab to Linda Shelton, Starrann Wise, one lot, $370,000.

Tracy Davis to Matthew Bohlander, one lot, $77,500.

Helen Bobb, Helen Layne to Doyle Layne Jr. and Helen R. Layne Joint Revocable Trust, Doyle Layne, trustee, Helen Layne, two lots, $0.

Jodell Davis, executor, Estate of Ruby Taylor to Gary Stanley, Melissa Stanley, one lot, $170,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Daniel Nielson, Jessica Nielson, one lot, $336,900.

Bridgit Kerber, Steven Kerber to Deborah Keshner, Steve Kershner, a part lot, $112,000.

Barbara Kessler, Chris Kessler to Christopher Kessler, Scott Kessler, one lot, $0.

Estate of Sharon Kessler to Chris Kessler, Scott Kessler, one lot, $0.

Justin Moritz, maria Moritz, Maria Schafer to Austin Craine, a part lot, $106,000.

Jeremy Head, Maria Head to Dennis Howell, Judith Howell, one lot, $334,900.

Charlotte Smith, David Smith II to Teresa Prouty, one lot, $131,500.

Halifax Land Company LLC to Gregg Family Investments Ltd., one lot, $89,900.

Debra Denial, Duff Denial to Taylor Riffell, one lot, $98,900.

C. Eileen Lucas, Robert Lucas to C. Eileen Lucas, Catherine Ann Mencsik, Jesse Lucas, Robert Lucas, one lot, $0.

Anita Cain to Erica Fox, Jonathan Roman, one lot, $55,000.

Judith Magel, Michael Magel to michelleMarlow, Thomas Marlow, one lot, $331,900.

Laura Davis to Charles Davis, Penny Etherington, a part lot, $19,500.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Joseph Oberman, Traci Oberman, one lot, $114,000.

Christina Bergman, Michael Bergman, Douglas Weaver, Jane Weaver to Dale Alt, one lot, $140,000.

Linda Landis, trustee, Landis Family Trust to Linda Landis, one lot, $0.

George Sherry, Sandra Sherry to Sandra Kirkpatrick, one lot, $136,000.

Bradley Hoover to Nancy Blevins, Nancy Hoover, one lot, $0.


Estate of William Brading to Jonathan Brading, Joseph Brading, Mary Beth Brading, a part lot, $0.

Estate of Thomas Townsend to Tammy Hirby, one lot, $0.

Bank of America N.A. to Anita Irvin, Sam Irvin, one lot, $28,500.

Elizabeth Buecker to Eric Buecker, two lots, $0.

Jennifer Ferguston, Joshua Ferguson to Dustin Helman, Melanie Helman, one lot, $99,000.

Kathy Lewis, Kathy Valandingham to Kyra Horn, one lot, $30,100.

Anita Martin, Forest Martin, Bradley Petry, Courtney Petry to Roland Sourmail, two part lots, $14,000.

Janet Low to Chad Kidder, two lots, $75,000.

Anita Martin, Forest Martin to Roland Sourmail, a part lot, $3,000.

Brenda Wirrig, John Wirrig to Mildred Wirrig Declaration of Trust, two lots, $0.

NRZ REO V-2 Corp to Jacinta Helton, one lot, $10,100.

Kathleen Hildebrand, Scott Hildebrand to Todd Allen, one lot, $209,900.

George and Dolores Anthony Family, Cynthia Zimpfer, successor trustee to L Anthony Rentals LLC, one lot, $0.

ATM Investments to SR Capital LLC, one lot, $26,600.

Daniel Poast, Linda Poast to Jim Fisher, Glenn McKinney, $210,000.

Ditech Financial LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, one lot, $0.

Karen Crusey, Dale Weldon, Karen Weldon to Lee Ann Foster, Scott Foster, one lot, $222,000.

Timothy Neal to Tax Ease Ohio LLC, U.S. Bank, custodian, one lot, $1,444.65.


Bruns Construction Enterprises Inc. to Ryan Hochwalt, one lot, $358,000.

Moira Honeyman, Ryan Honeyman to Deborah Dungan, Michael Dungan, one lot, $209,900.

Carol Hanagan, John Hanagan to Edward Stefanko and Sandra J. Stafanko Trust, Sandra Stefanko, trustee, one lot, $350,000.

Carolyn Slaughter, Michael Slaughter to Corey Brand, Kathryn Brand, one lot, $360,000.

Berry-Logan Properties LLC to Casey’s Marketing Company, one lot, $720,000.

Berry-Logan Properties LLC to Berry-Logan Properties LLC, two lots, $0.

Shawna Mains to Janet Davis, William Davis, one lot, $187,000.

Mary Lee, Russell Lee to Jennifer Wood, a part lot, $119,000.

Nancy Lohrey, Ann Pritchard to Justin Nosker, Lauren Nosker, one lot, $250,000.


Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. to Aaron Yohey, Katelyn Yohey, one lot, $131,900.


Christian Homan, Terra Homan to Courtney Miller, five lots, $148,000.

Audrey Rudy to William Besecker, a part lot, $70,000.


Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $52,700.

Frederick Austerman, Sue Austerman to Maria Eldridge, Stephen Eldridge, two lots, $265,000.

NVR Inc. to Dana Evans, Jack Evans, two lots, $283,900.

Inverness Group Inc. to Matthew Beigel, Angela Ferralli, two lots, $247,800.

Inverness Group Inc. to Carol Johnson, Ross Tillman, two lots, $209,900.

Micha Gardner, Paul Gardner to Shane Guillozet, two lots, $161,900.

Denis Berger, trustee, Michael Berger, trustee, Berger Family Revocable Trust to Evelyn Holman, Catherine Knittle, two lots, $155,000.

Brandon Johnson, Lindsay Johnson to Mark Schwagle, Suyoung Schwagle, two lots, $224,500.

Inverness Group Inc. to Natasha Manning, two lots, $254,900.


Dustin Sanders, Heather Sanders to Deborah Duffey, a part lot, $62,500.


John Griffith to Carol Betz, John Griffith, one lot, $0.

Jeffrey Carico, Kimberly Carico to Andrew Schenck, Ashley Schenck, one lot, $92,900.

Jerry Garber, Vera Garber to Sunshine Valley Investments LLC, a part lot, $45,900.

Elise Schenck to EFS Properties LLC, two part lots, $0.

Andy Bliss, Dennis Frantz, Jan Frantz, attorney in fact, Charlene Thurston Lawson, Edward Thurston

Jackie Lipker, Priscilla Lipker, to Collette Law, Winifred Taylor, one lot, $104,000.


Estate of Ida Benge to Cheryl Burns, one lot, $0.

Brian Laycock, Karen Laycock to Ann Spitzer, Richard Spitzer, one lot, $294,000.


Janet Leonard, John Leonard to Cathy Blankenship, Kevin Leonard, 81.214 acres, $0.


Darlyne Howes, Todd Howes to Erik Lewis, Joy Lewis, one lot, $281,400.

Linda Schnell to Amiee Fulker, Joseph Fulker, 1.31 acres, $204,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc., one lot, $79,900.

3 Gen D LLC to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc., one lot, $79,900.

Lane Trailer Park of Troy LLC to R & S Reck Fairview Mobile Home Park LLC, 2.919 acres, $1,100,000.

James McGuire, Mark McGuire, Robin McGuire to Doreen Harkema, James Harkema, one lot, $126,000.

Judith Laudenslayer to Carolyn Sexton, one lot, $184,900.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Cynthia Shilt, Rick Shilt, one lot, $349,900.

Daryl Hill-Zhanai to Mark Bunger, Tina Bunger, 0.76 acres, $95,000.

Citimortgage Inc., Servicelink LLC, attorney in fact to Larry Jacobs, $11,000.


Jeffrey Combs, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to Christopher Goins, Heather Goins, BethaynNormile, Russell Normile, 0.54 acres, $0.

Mary Eidemiller to Becky Newberry, $0.


Carol Hetman, Wencel Hetman to Mary Lee, Russell Lee, one lot, $120,000.

Estate of Martha Noffsinger Roberts to Faye Noffsinger, two lots, $0.

Sisters with Style Ltd. to Brad Ryan, Megan Ryan, $190,000.


Melissa Bianco, executrix, Estate of Frank Raskay Jr. to Frank Raskay, one lot, $160,000.


Linda Sommer, William Sommer to Linda Sommer, William Sommer, 8.756 acres, $0.

Linda Sommer, William Sommer to Sarah Negley, Jason Sommer, Joshua Sommer, 8.765 acres, $0.

Marsha DeWeese, Peaceful Pathways LLC, Mark Roeth, Michael Roeth to Stephanie Harris, Thomas Harris Jr., 20. acres, $42,500.

Midwest Business Capital, United Midwest Savings Bank to Tri River LLC, two lots, $300,000.

Cathy Stewart to Toopes Investments LLC, $84,900.


Celia Clark, Robert Clark to David Messler, Jennifer Messler, 1.934 acres, $317,000.

Living Trust of Leslie Worden, Sharon Powers, successor trustee to Brian Powers, Sharon Powers, one lot, two part lots, $0.

Kathleen Coate to Kathleen Coate Trust, Kathleen Coate, trustee, 8.103 acres, $0.

Michael Edwards, Robert Sweeney, attorney in fact to Chase Mathews, Lori Mathews, 3.526 acres, $218,000.


Michael Shoemaker to Douglas Goebel, one lot, $100,000.

Margaret Hines, Thomas Hines and Thomas D. Hines and Margaret Hines Revocable Trust, $0.


Amy Ely, Rus Ely, Candi Hissong, Tyrone Hissong to Sharon Earls Living Trust, Sharon Earls, trustee, Wayne Wertz Living Trust, Wayne Wertz, trustee,

Douglas Severt, Laura Severt to Michael Ryan, 4.17 acres, $179,900.

Carolyn Harshbarger, Kenneth Harshbarger to Ana Cochran, James Cochran, one lot, $130,000.

Estate of Fred Copeland to Brenda Copeland, $0.

Jacqueline Smith, Robert Smith to Carolyn McCune, 1.127 acres. $127,000.