Miami County Real Estate Transfers


Angela Purdy, Jason Purdy to Aaron Schmitmeyer, Taylor Schmitmeyer, one lot, $185,000.

Raquel Kreider to Raquel Loy, Chad Loy, one lot, $0.

James Kiser to Jon Baker, one lot, $104,900.

Paula Berry, Paula Nelson to David Chiasson, one lot, $103,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties, Ohio to Jacqueline Czaja, two lots, $82,000.

Harlow Builders Inc., Carrie Kendall, Matthew Kendall, one lot, $58,900.

Halifax Land Company LLC to Harlow Builders Inc, one lot, $89,900.

Rice Trust, Rosemary Woodard, successor trustee, to David Rice, Harold Rice, Rosemary, one lot, $0.

Ashley Dunlavy to Terry Dunlavy, one lot, $0.

U.S. Bank N.A., successor, Edna Mitchell, Heath Mitchell to Holly Wheeler, Tom Wheeler, one lot, $12,000.

Catherine Gohrband, Kirk Hemmerick to Katelynn Hodge, Timothy Hodge, two lots, $175,000.

Jonathan Loufman, Rita Loufman to Elizabeth Fugate, one lot, $159,000.

Ethan Ennist to DH Investments LLC, one lot, $95,000.

David Williams to Alyson Vanderhorst, Robert Vanderhorst, two lots, $131,900.

Jamie Murphy, Scott Murphy to Erin Baltrip, Zachary Baltrip, one lot, $218,000.

NVR Inc. to Padmarani Wundavalli, Vidyadhar Wundavalli, one lot, $350,900.

Winona Hackworth, Cynthia Hackworth-Rogers to Cynthia Rogers, one lot, $0.


Brian Campbell, Shelly Campbell to Brian Campbell, Shelly Campbell, one lot, $0.

Daniel McKenzie, Lasey McKenzie to Misty Chaney, one lot, $58,000.

Cheryl Erbaugh, James Erbaugh, James and Cheryl Revocable Living Trust, to James Erbaugh, co-trustee, and James and Cheryle Erbaught Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Estate of Ronald Oelslager, Sandra Lewis, Connie Snapp, David Snapp, Harold Wintrow, Marlene Wintrow to Sandra Lewis, one lot, $30,000.

Estate of Edith Bowman to Marsha Rapp, executor, Kazia Garrison, one lot, $56,000.

BBA LLC to Shelly Knick, one lot, $65,000.

Glenna Bolton to BCA Group LLC, one lot, $18,000.

Robin Frodyma, Lesley Young, Richard Young to Ronald Monnier, one lot, $102,900.

Dorothy Rego to James Rego, one lot, $0.

Patricia Heinle, Todd Heinle to Harry Creager, one lot, $138,500.

Briana Miller, Josh Miller, Kayla Spurlock, Kayla Walker, Robert Walker to Briana Miller, Josh Miller, one lot, $20,500.


Angela Doerr, David McLaughlin to Theresa Penney, Todd Penney, one lot, $413,500.

Stephanie Miller, Adam Thatcher, Stephanie Thatcher to Amanda Grear, one lot, $91,300.

Jessica Clutter, Dustin Kunk, Jessica Kunk to Mary Peterman, one lot, $100,000.

Charles Shininger Trust, Charles Shininger, co-trustee, Diane Shininger, co-trustee to Dianel Shininger Trust, Diane Shininger, trustee, $0.

Estate of Delores Hicks to Jerry Hicks Sr., $0.

Rosewood Creek LLC to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $55,900.

Yi Hong Tang,Jason Zhou to Jeffrey Buck, one lot, $385,000.

April Barrett, Sean Barrett, Jerry Whetstone, Julie Whetsone to Danielle Mitchell, Jared Mitchell, one lot, $83,400.

Rhonda Wiseman to Danielle Mitchell, Jared Mitchell, one lot, $41,700.

Barbara Elrod, Mark Elrod to Emma McKenzie, Jordan McKenzie, one lot, $192,00.


Alan Storandt to Guzal Dadaeva, Miraza Mirza, two lots, $250,000.

Jonathan Leavell, Katie LEavell to Colleen Pratt, Jonathan Pratt, two lots, $218,000.

NVR Inc. to Dmitriy Shtilman, Sabina Shtilman, two lots, $342,800.

Estate of Harry Reitz to John Lewis, one lot, $0.

Linda Glasper to Bernard Brinson, Delana Brinson, two lots, $182,000.

Bethany Carroll, Craig Carroll to Jessica Lyman, Koert Lyman, two lots, $195,000.

Carol McWhorter, Michael McWhorter to Lon Arnett, Regina Arnett, two lots, $224,800.

Carolyn Trainer, Donald Trainer to Glenora Family Trust, Norreta Snyder, trustee, one lot, $187,500.


Micah Russell to Amanda Guzman, one lot, $161,000.

Rosita Wagner, Allyn Wagner to David Meiring, Lois Meiring,one lot, $183,000.


Gerald Hardin, Patricia Hardin to Brad Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy, one lot, $360,000.

Angela Gibbs, William Gibbs IV to Bryce Laycock, Christen Wendel, 1.0 acres, $171,000.

Anthony Bigos, trustee, Chester Bigos Irrevocable Trust to Jack Shane, 0.696 acres, $129,000.


Dennis Hague, Dennis Hague Revocable Living Trust to Dennis Hague, trustee, one lot, $0.


Frances Bowen, Harold Bowen, trustee, to Jason Carman, $175,000.

Polly Morgan to Lori Noll, Rodney Noll, one lot, $181,500.

Kelly Mott to Pamela Calvert, Ronald Calvert, one lot, $38,500.

Douglas Demaro, Jennifer Demaro to Steven Hanan, one lot, $378,200.

Anne Fletcher, co-trustee, Erin Holl, co-trustee, Holl Keystone Inheritance Trust, Lora Hildebrand-Holl to Lora Holl, Ronald Holl, 2.077 acres, $160,000.

Peggy Sue Bicknell, Robert Bicknell to Peggy Bicknell, Robert Bicknell, one lot, $0.


Eva Wills, Jim Wills, Jimmy Wills, Mandy Wills to Kimberly Campbell Elliott, 1.006 acres, $21,500.

Estate of Miriam Schindler, Robert Harrelson, executor, to Nancy Brake, Robert Brake, two lots, $1,000.


Estate of Patricia Posey to Estate of Patricia Posey, William Posey, one lot, $0.

Timothy Weitzel, Cassandra Ferrell to John Reedy, 0.479 acres, $152,000.

Franklin Baxter, Susan Baxter, Dave Layman, Michele Layman, Deborah Wilks, Garth Wilks to Cody Lukacs, Melissa Lukacs, $185,000.

Glenora Family Revocable Trust, Norreta Snyder, trustee to Chrsitie Hatton, Michael Hatton, 4.518 acres, $333,000.


David Painter, Diane Painter to Roland Stahl, 2.049 acres, $26,000.


Donald Williams, Shawn Williams, Terry Williams to Crystal Nelson, one lot, $125,000.

Stull Woodworks Inc. to Jennifer Stull, Joshua Stull, 1.6131 acres, $25,000.


James Kinninger, Vanessa Kinninger to Kathleen Griffieth, Todd Griffieth, 10.0 acres, $279,900.

Expert Property Procurement LLC to Paris Court Piqua LLC, 7.396 acres, $0.

Aaron Beaver to Jennifer Beaver, one lot, $0.


Charlyene Dewitt, John Dewitt to John and Charlyene Dewitt Revocable Living Trust Agreement, John Dewitt, co-trustee, Charlyene Dewitt, co-trustee, $0.

Josh Deal, Laura Deal to Benjamin Wiltheiss, Karen Wiltheiss, 5.010 acres, $65,000.

Holfinger Family Farms LLC to Jacqueline Holfinger, 3.294 acres, 1.971 acres, $21,500.

Jacquelyn Holfinger to Jacquelyn Holfinger, 10.367 acres, $0.


Clara Brewster, Gail Welsh, attorney in fact to Marion Compliment, 1.656 acres, $60,000.