David Matthew Epley, 30, of 254 N. Wall Street, Covington to Tina Ann Alexander, 37, of same address.

Joshua Robert Stager, 36, of 1030 W. North Street, Piqua to Estela Martinez, 32, of same address.

Nicole Lynn Slife, 35, of 512 Adams Street, Piqua to Levi Charles Mills, 25, of same address.

Edward Eugene Hoenie, 31, of 2230 Shamrock Lane Apt. C, Troy to Alicia Kehau O Maunakea Maka, 34, of same address.

Julie Ann VanGorden, 47, of 1304 Jed Way, Piqua to Steven Carroll Worley, 34, of same address.

Robert Alan Burton, 33, of 808 Race Drive, Troy to Elizabeth Faye White, 27, of same address.

Kelsie Ann Long, 27, of 2409 New Castle Drive, Troy to Eric Ray Kocher, 30, of same address.

Jennifer Lynne Baker, 24, of 3334 Magnolia Drive, Troy to Benjamin Cody Meade, 26, of same address.

Joseph Martin Hoofnagle, 33, of 2421 Sunset Maple Drive, Tipp City to Alyssa Marie Armstrong, 29, of same address.

Jesse Alan Davis, 24, 730 Hampton Street, Tipp City to Shelby Daniel Timmer, 21, of 6925 Peters Road, Tipp City.

Rose Marie Atkins, 48, of 325 Lake Street, Troy to Fazli Umar Yaqub, 39, of same address.

Amy Lynn Brown, 32, of 364 Shaftsbury Road, Troy to Erik Michael Cramer, 37, of same address.

William Charles Nelson Jr., 55, of 9245 West State Route 571, Laura to Paula Ann Olinger, 50, of same address.

Jeremiah Kegan Magnuson, 30, of 6 N. Maple Street, Pleasant Hill to Amanda Jean Marchal 28, of same address.

Kristina Marie Knight, 41, of 1333 Maplecrest Drive, Troy to Carlon Dwaine Vanchure, 45, of same address.

Joshua David Sowder, 23, of 30730 State Route 31, Richwood to Hannah Rae Pond, 22, of 7750 Piqua-Clayton Road, Covington.

Brandon Michael Ashley, 31, of 440 Wood Street, Piqua to Ashley Marie Nicole Lee, 29, of same address.

Brandon Michael McDaniel, 32, of 800 Summit Street, Piqua to Natalie Eileen Richardson, 30, of same address.

Jianna Chenoe Carlile, 21, of 6815 S. State Route 202, Tipp City to Joshua Michael Strohl, 21, of same address.

Bridget Denise Crider, 38, of 1110 Lake Street, Piqua to Luke Allen Montgomery 30, of same address.

Jeff Thomas Routson, 53, of 1896 Hunters Ridge Drive, Troy to Leslie Ann Merle, 45, of 374 W. Ross street, Troy.

Tiffany Anne Tebbe, 27, of 907 Briarcliff Avenue, Piqua to Tyler Galen Cisco, 22, of same address.

Alisha Ann Cremeans, 28, of 615 W. Walnut Street, Tipp City to Jerrod Ray Petty, 27, of 918 W. Ash Street, Piqua

Amanda Jean Ashton, 33, of 8665 State Route 66, Piqua to Richard Lewis Slaybaugh, 33, of same address.

Thomas Alvah Harmon Jr., 46, of 26 S. 7th Street, Tipp City to Suzanne Esther Griffin, 46, of same address.

Rebecca Nicole Coleman, 38, of 318 S. Wayne, Piqua to Robert Clay Foster, 35, of 524 Boal Avenue, Piqua.

Bridget Lynn Mcmaken, 24, of 506 Electric Avenue, Piqua to Paul Emory Ludwig II, 25, of same address.

Travis Micheal Hunter, 25, of 943 Amelia Avenue, Troy to MacKenzie Lynne Skeens, 24, of same address.

Timothy Ryan Corder, 25, of 837 Boal Avenue, Piqua to Mary Christine Levan, 20, of same address.

Erin Marie Huff, 21, of 420 North Miami Avenue, Bradford to Cody Daniel Grimes, 23, of same address.

James Michael Smith, 33, of 325 Grant Street, Troy to Carolyn Nicole Reif, 30, of same address.

Alicia Leann Lecorchick, 27, of 112 Filbert Street, Ashville, Pa. to Jody Christopher Baker, 35, of same address.

Erika Lee Dickess, 29, of 7495 S. County Road 25-A, Tipp City to Zachary Allen Yingst, 26, of same address.