Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at

• Inspections provided by the Piqua Health Department:

Feb. 8

Piqua Central Intermediate, 807 Nicklin Ave., Piqua. Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Feb. 15

Internet Cafe, 1973 Edison Drive, Piqua —Provide sanitizer, either chlorine or quatinary ammonia, so utensils can be washed, rinsed and sanitized.

Edison State snack bar, 1973 Edison Drive, Piqua — Observed bulk containers without labels. All food items not in original container must be labeled, unless unmistakable, to prevent misuse.

Provide thermometer for condiment prep unit so its temperature can be monitored.

The top of the garbage disposal is damaged and needs to be replaced.

The floors in the hard-to-reach areas need to be cleaned.

Red Lobster No. 706, 991 E. Ash St., Piqua — Some of the clean food containers still had food debris on them. Thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize.

Feb. 16

The Cornerstone @ 88811 — The temperature on steam table below 135 degrees. Crab dip — 115 degrees; ground beef — 120 degrees. Keep all TCS foods above 135 degrees or below 41 degrees. Temperature increased.

Upper Valley Career Center, 8811 Career Drive Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Feb. 17

Wal-mart SuperCenter, 1300 E. Ash St., Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Lighthouse Cafe, 213 N. Main St., Piqua — The floor needs to be repaired. It must be smooth and durable and easily cleanable. Repair scheduled for spring.

• Inspections provided by Miami County Public Health:

Feb. 13

Chick-Fil-A, 1910 W. Main St., Troy — No violations at time of inspection. Staff was very knowledgeable. Temperatures were within required ranges. observed good glove usage, and handwashing. Facility has three staff members with level 2 food safety certifications, and five or six level 1 employees. Focus on wiping down equipment door handles and gaskets.

Feb. 16

Kroger, 731 Market St., Troy — Observed scoop in flour bin in deli area where handle was not above the food. Observed spoon for scooping peanuts where the handle of the spoon was making contact with ready-to-eat food, corrected during inspection. Observed reduced price packaged raw beef where the safe handling instructions were covered with a sticker, also the name of the product was in all abbreviations. Food product labels are not in compliance with standards of identity requirements, corrected during inspection. Reach-in cooler in deli area did not contain a thermometer. Repeat observation: the surfaces of cutting boards in the deli area were severely scratched or scored and could not be effectively cleaned and sanitized. Observed dolly carts in meat department with build-up residual. Critical violation: observed produce storage tubs that were unclean. Food equipment surfaces are not cleaned at the required frequency. Observed employee jacket stored on rack in deli area making contact with clean items. Observed walk-in cooler/freezer in the click list section that were not constructed of approved materials, observed the use of wood in the walk-in cooler/freezer. Observed no towels or hand drying device at the handwashing sink in Starbucks area. Observed no handwashing sign posted at handwashing sink used by employees in sushi area. Observed a build-up of debris underneath shelving in bakery area. Critical violation: observed the presence of live birds in the store.

Feb. 21

La Piazza, 2 N. Market St., Troy — Observed ladle completely submerged in soup that was cooling on the bottom rack inside of the walk-in cooler. Observed plastic cups being stored inside cheese container in prep cooler at the waitress station. Observed cloth shirts and jackets stored on top of miscellaneous equipment beside the prep cooler in the main food prep area. Observed employees jackets stored on equipment rack with cooking equipment and cans outside back entrance. Critical violation: observed soup in large containers in the walk-in cooler that were not properly date marked. Observed that there was no time marking procedure for leaving cheese and butter out of temperature. Critical violation: observed cheese and garlic butter being stored out of temperature control without proper four hour time marking, corrected during inspection. Repeat observation: observed that the prep cooler in the main food prep area did not have a food thermometer. Observed that the chef did not have a food thermometer. Repeat observation: observed lid for the lettuce dispenser had tape over the rough edges where it was used to hold the lid together, this lid must be replaced. Observed broken gasket on the door of the upright cooler in the salad prep area. Repeat observation: observed loose gasket on the food prep cooler door in the main kitchen area. Observed loose handle on the pizza oven. Repeat observation: the cutting board in the main food prep area was heavily stained and scratched and needs to be replaced. Observed pasta being stored inside of a re-used pickle container inside of the walk-in cooler. Critical violation: observed residual build-up on the inside of the soda nozzles behind bar area, and on the bottom of the microwave in the main food prep area. Observed mold forming on the walk-in cooler fan near main food prep area. Observed residual build-up on the equipment handles in the main food prep area. Observed mechanical dish washing machine that did not have any sanitizer in the solution. Critical violation: hand washing sink is being used for purposed other than hand washing, observed coffee grounds all over than handles and the faucet. Observed leak in the piping beneath the three compartment sink at the bar area. Observed improper hand washing soap by the sink in the salad prep area. Observed black build-up on the piping and walls beside the dishwashing station. Observed a build-up of dirt and debris on the floor of the walk-in freezer. Critical violation: observed the presence of live gnats around the beer tap within the bar area. Critical violation: observed sewage water leaking heavily from a pipe down in the basement near the ice machine and other stored foods. Upon performing a standard inspection on Feb. 21, Shane and Jonathon observed sewage leaking from a pipe behind the brick wall and creating a large pool of sewage water on the basement floor near the ice machine and water softener. The health department immediately shut down the facility to be reopened only when the piping is fixed and the whole area is cleaned and sanitized. The ice machine must be completely emptied and then cleaned out thoroughly with a strong sanitizing solution before it can be used again. Shane stopped by later in the afternoon of Feb. 21 to inspect the basement to ensure that it was clean. It was satisfactory at the time of re-inspection and was allowed to reopen.

Feb. 23

Heywood Elementary School, 260 Ridge Ave., Troy — Critical violation: TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature, observed mini corn dogs being hot held at 128F and pork and beans being held at 130F. TCS foods must be held at 135F or above.

Hobart Arena Northwest Concessions, 255 Adams St., Troy — No violations upon inspection.

Troy BK Rootbeer, 2780 Stonecircle Dr., Troy — Repeat observation: the gaskets on the two-door upright freezer towards the back of the facility are broken. The surfaces of the cutting boards in the food prep area were bowing upwards and had deep cuts along the edges, as well as being stained along the tops. Repeat observation: observed that the door leading out the back of the kitchen area had a gap underneath the door which could be an entry point for insects. Observed no handwashing signs at the sinks in the front and back of the facility.

Troy Christian Schools, 1586 McKaig Ave., Troy — No violations upon inspection.

Feb. 24

Union Street Station Cafe, 251 Union St., Troy — No violations at time of inspection. During the inspection the facility had already been closed for the season. Facility may not open this upcoming licensing year.