Laura man sentenced for rape

Rue gets 10 years for 10 counts of GSI

By Melanie Yingst -



MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Common Pleas Court Judge Christopher Gee said a Laura man’s sentence to serve 10 years for 10 counts of third-degree felony gross sexual imposition of a minor was a “gift” on Wednesday.

Gerald Rue, 67, was previously indicted on two counts of rape of a minor. In a plea agreement with the state, he entered a plea of guilty to the 10 counts of gross sexual imposition charges. Gee commended Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Janna Parker and defense attorney Andrew Pratt for reaching the joint agreement which Gee honored, but made several notations of Rue’s statements in the pre-sentence investigation report.

Gee noted that Rue failed to express any genuine remorse and lacked compassion and concern for the now-adult victim. Gee commended the victim, calling her “a brave young woman” who sought justice to hold Rue accountable for his actions two decades ago. Gee reviewed the victim’s statement and quoted the victim, stating, “Rue … only has himself to blame.”

Prior to sentencing, Rue said, “I’m deeply sorry for the victim.”

Pratt said Rue was cooperative with law enforcement and pleaded guilty so the victim didn’t have to endure testifying in front of the court. Pratt also said Rue regretted his conduct and was sorrowful for his actions.

Parker noted Rue denied the allegations, lacked remorse and concern for the victim. Parker said in the pre-sentence investigation, Rue downplayed the abuse by claiming he only touched the victim’s inner thigh.

Parker said the case was an example that it’s never too late for justice and commended the victim for “taking back her power and control” of her life to close the chapter of the abuse she endured as a child.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office detectives began investigating the case in February 2017, when a now-adult female victim came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct in Rue’s home when she was a child under the age of 10.

In the state of Ohio, if the victim was under 18 during the commission of the crime, the statute will not run out until the victim reaches age 18 or the violation is reported to a law enforcement agency, whichever occurs first. The statute of limitations is 20 years for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor or rape and other sexual conduct allegations.

Rue was classified as a habitual sex offender and must register for 20 years upon his release. The sex offender classification follows the law at the time of the abuse in 1998. Upon his release, he will serve five years of mandatory post-release control. He was granted 201 days of jail credit.

Rue gets 10 years for 10 counts of GSI

By Melanie Yingst