School on the Rock does ‘Seuss’

Performances begin Thursday

By Cody Willoughby -

VANDALIA — “Oh, the places you’ll go” in School on the Rock’s new spring production, “Dr. Seuss’ Seussical,” set to premiere in the Hangar at First Baptist Church in Vandalia.

Performances are scheduled for Thursday, March 22 and Friday, March 23 at 7 p.m., as well as Saturday, March 24 at 2 p.m.

Featuring elements from over a dozen of Seuss’ most famous works, “Seussical” boasts universality for people of all ages, and, according to director Amy Early, was a perfect fit for their group from the get-go.

“It’s a family show,” Early said. “Dr. Seuss is so well-known, and all of his literature is easy to pick out for young children. We saw it at the University of Cincinnati in the fall, and realized how many characters were going to be featured. There’s so many lead roles, and everyone gets a very special part. The chorus is also onstage almost the entire show. We wanted to do the show once we realized we could feature a lot of our kids and their talent and ability.

“We also love the storyline. It’s a lot about speaking on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves. It’s not necessarily a Biblical show, but there’s a lot of cool ties that are family-oriented with Christian values.”

School on the Rock seniors voiced unanimous excitement to participate in the show, due to its unique energy and valuable messages.

“The world of Dr. Seuss is really colorful and very animated,” said senior Jacob Starry, who plays the Mayor. “It’s probably one of my favorite shows we’ve done, because of how involved it is. I like having a role to play that has someone else to lean on. This has been fun, because I get to work with someone else, and we get to play off of each other.”

“I think ‘Seussical’ is special, because it really is pro-life as a musical,” said senior Meredith Caupp, who plays a Bird Girl. “It really represents a voice for people who don’t have voices, necessarily. My favorite song is definitely ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’ It’s been so much fun to do.”

“I really like the songs,” said senior Nathan Scott, who plays General Schmitz. “Something that’s unique about Seussical is all the rhyming. Everything rhymes. All the lines rhyme. It’s very energetic and colorful, which I like a lot. It’s going to be a good show.”

The cast includes, alphabetically, Nathan Burton as Yertle the Turtle, Megan Caupp as Gertrude McFuzz, Lauren Christenson as Mrs. Ambroso and Vlad Vladikoff, Olivia Early as Mayzie LaBird, Rinnah Early as the Elephant Bird, Selah Early as Jojo, Aedan Kennedy as Horton the Elephant, Courtney Marker as Mrs. Mayor, Stephen Mattingly as the Cat in the Hat, Bethany Scott as Young Kangaroo, Nathan Scott as General Schmitz, Hallie Starry as Sour Kangaroo, and Jacob Starry as Mayor.

The cast also includes Emily Aldridge, Kylie Aldridge, Meredith Caupp, and Kelsie Marker, and Katie Mattingly as Bird Girls, and Noah Caupp, Ty Caupp, Jacob Early, and Elijah Maxwell as the Wickershams.

The chorus features, alphabetically, Caleb Adams, Naomi Adams, Priscilla Adams, Tabitha Adams, Alexa Bayer, Ian Bayer, Matthew Christenson, Madison Coate, Isaiah Early, Bekah Hartley, Thad Hartley, Zach Hartley, Elizabeth Hill, Beth Mattingly, Leah McFadden, Wes McFadden, Brady McKee, Parker McKee, Autumn Wackler, Bennett Welborn, Eve Welborn, Johanna Welborn, Kami Wolf, and Logan Wolf.

Tickets are $8 presale and $10 at the door. The cast and crew request that all attendants arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the performance.

School on the Rock is a co-op homeschooling program centered around Christian-based values and family-oriented education.

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Performances begin Thursday

By Cody Willoughby