World War II veterans honored at breakfast

By Cody Willoughby -

TROY — Local World War II veterans were honored Wednesday at the monthly breakfast held at the Miami Valley Veterans Museum.

A special guest speaker at the event was Jane Webb, founder of local quilting group, the ‘67 Quilters.

“The group was founded mainly as a healing process between my brother and I,” Webb stated. “He was a ‘65 grad at Troy High. I always really admired him, but he came back from the Vietnam war so sad. That started this whole process for me, and I hope it’s helped many others to heal, too.”

Webb and other members of the group showed selections of their many works to all in attendance, and then presented a gift quilt to every World War II veteran at the event.

Don Anderson, one of the World War II veterans honored with a quilt at the event, was moved by the experience.

“I had no idea that they were going to do that,” Anderson said. “I’d been coming up to the breakfast for a while, but didn’t realize what these ladies would have in store today. It’s wonderful.”

“It was the biggest surprise,” stated Harry Christy, another of the event’s honored veterans. “My daughter assists in putting this on, and I came here this morning without knowing anything about it. These people have done such great work for so many, and I pray they can continue to do that work.”

The group made it an immediate priority to honor those who fought in World War II, because in honoring this group of veterans, time is of the essence.

“When I came to a previous meeting in September, everyone bowed their heads in a moment of silence, because the community had lost three World War II vets in just a month,” Webb said. “We intend to come back in December and continue to hand out these quilts. We know there are many veterans who are unable to attend the monthly breakfast, but we want to reach out and get one to as many as we can.”

“This is just as rewarding for us as it is for the recipients,” stated ‘67 Quilters member Mel Hess. “The camaraderie amongst the ladies in this group has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.”

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By Cody Willoughby