Men rescued from river

Both uninjured following accident

By Melody Vallieu

BETHEL TOWNSHIP — A river rescue on Tuesday saw two men make it home to safety.

According to Bethel Township Fire Department Lt. Mike Arnold, two men on a canoe trip on the Great Miami River were rescued Tuesday after falling into the water.

Arnold said the two men were on a canoe trip alone when one of the men fell out of the canoe. The second man then went into the water to help. Both men — who were wearing their life vests — were able to grab on to a log in the middle of the river.

“One had his phone still, so they were able to call for help,” Arnold said.

Bethel Fire Department Miami County, along with the regional boat rescue group from Huber Heights, Vandalia and Butler Township, responded to the scene. Arnold said rescue workers used ropes and pulleys on either side of the river in the rescue. Huber Heights rescue workers were able to reach the men and bring them to safety, Arnold said.

The rescue took about 45 minutes, he said.

Arnold said both of the men were uninjured.

Arnold said the men were fortunate to be able to grab on to the log and hold on until they could be saved.

“They wouldn’t have been able to swim on their own,” he said. “There’s no way.”

Both uninjured following accident