Edison teamssweep Lorain

The Edison Community College basketball teams swept Lorain County Wednesday.

The men improved to 7-4 (2-0 in the OCCAC) with a 95-86 victory.

The Chargers were led by Malik Thurman with 26 points and six rebounds, Jalen Hearn added 24 points, five rebounds and three assists, Cody May chipped in 12 points and seven rebounds and Damion Cook had 10 points and seven rebounds. The Lafy Chargers improved to 1-1 in the league and 4-7 overall with a 90-69 victory.

Edison was led by Brooke Dunlevy with 20 points.

Sydney Miller and Carly Buzzard both had 16 points. Brooke Hickey added 15, and Cadence Jacobs finished with 10. Dana Heckman had nine points and 10 rebounds.

Edison will host Lakeland on Saturday.

Piqua 11th at

GWOC bowling

The Piqua girls bowling team finished 11th at the GWOC pre-season tournament, while the boys finished 14th.

The girls had a total of 2,912,

Rayna Brownlee finished 17th overall to lead the Lady Indians. She had a scored 194 in a 505 series.

Sarah Ganger rolled games of 217 and 161.

The Piqua boys had a total of 3,026.

Dakota Mowery had a 188 game in a 478 series for Piqua, while Travis Smith had a 176 game in a 461 series.

Tigers swimmers

sweep meet

VAN WERT — The Versailles High School boys swim team defeated Coldwater with a score of 62-27 and defeated Van Wert with a score of 53-39 in a double dual swim meet on Tuesday.. The Van Wert YMCA has a meter pool so the times listed below are in meters.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 meter Medley Relay: 1st, Clint Morgan, Harrison Detrick, Quincy Baltes, Kyle Dapore, 2:09.53; 4th, Nathanial Nelson, Adam Gehret, Pete Barga, Mitchell Huelskamp, 3:00.80

200 meter Freestyle: 4th, Stuart Baltes, 3:08.25; 5th, Mitchell Huelskamp, 3:47.17

200 meter IM: 2nd, Quincy Baltes, 2:52.05; 3rd, Pete Barga, 3:17.79

50 meter Freestyle: 1st, Clint Morgan, 26.13; 2nd, Kyle Dapore, 30.24

100 meter Butterfly: 2nd, Quincy Baltes, 1:14.77; 3rd, Harrison Detrick, 1:21.68

100 meter Freestyle: 1st, Kyle Dapore, 1:09.24; 5th, Stuart Baltes, 1:23.04

400 meter Freestyle: 3rd, Adam Gehret, 7:32.26; 4th, Nathanial Nelson, 10:45.31

200 meter Freestyle Relay: 1st, Kyle Dapore, Harrison Detrick, Quincy Baltes, Clint Morgan, 1:54.01; 3rd, Stuart Baltes, Mitchell Huelskamp, Adam Gehret, Nathanial Nelson, 2:38.55

100 meter Backstroke: 1st, Clint Morgan, 1:12.11; 2nd, Pete Barga, 1:29.95

100 meter Breaststroke: 3rd, Harrison Detrick, 1:26.25; 5th, Mitchell Huelskamp, 2:02.12

400 meter Freestyle Relay: 2nd, Pete Barga, Stuart Baltes, Adam Gehret, Nathanial Nelson, 5:59.53

The Versailles girls defeated Coldwater with a score of 60-34 and defeated Van Wert with a score of 66-27. The girls JV swim team also defeated Coldwater with a score of 29-7 and defeated Van Wert with a score of 26-13. Only two swimmers from each school were able to compete at the varsity level. The Van Wert YMCA has a meter pool so the times listed below are in meters.

The results for Versailles High School Varsity were as follows:

200 meter Medley Relay: 1st, Abbey Marshal, Heather Albers, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Emily Kramer, 2:18.22; 3rd, Courtney Batten, Payton Berger, Faith Wilker, Tori Ahrens, 2:32.18

200 meter Freestyle: 3rd, Lauren Heitkamp, 2:44.70; 6th, Payton Berger, 3:04.32

200 meter IM: 1st, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 2:42.31; 2nd, Emily Kramer, 2:58.51

50 meter Freestyle: 1st, Rachel Subler, 30.48; 2nd, Heather Albers, 31.45

100 meter Butterfly: 1st, Abbey Marshal, 1:14.26

100 meter Freestyle: 1st, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 1:07.01; 2nd, Heather Albers, 1:10.33

400 meter Freestyle: 5th, Morgan Frederick, 7:18.02; 6th, Claire Keiser, 9:09.57

200 meter Freestyle Relay: 1st, Heather Albers, Payton Berger, Faith Wilker, Rachel Subler, 2:08.72; 4th, Tori Ahrens, Lauren Heitkamp, McKinzie Kruckeberg, Chloe Francis, 2:22.05

100 meter Backstroke: 2nd, Rachel Subler, 1:18.12; 3rd, Emily Kramer, 1:20.26

100 meter Breaststroke: 1st, Abbey Marshal, 1:23.98; 2nd, Faith Wilker, 1:32.86

400 meter Freestyle Relay: 1st, Rachel Subler, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Emily Kramer, Abbey Marshal, 4:44.13; 5th, Courtney Batten, McKinzie Kruckeberg, Lauren Heitkamp, Chloe Francis, 5:31.81

The results for Versailles High School JV were as follows:

200 meter Medley Relay: 1st, Kari Mangen, Taylor Cordonnier, Grace Francis, Claire Keiser, 3:07.17

50 meter Freestyle: 1st, Payton Berger, 33.62; 3rd, Tori Ahrens, 35.15; 7th, Chloe Francis, 36.72; 9th, Kari Mangen, 38.36; 11th, Morgan Frederick, 40.99; 14th, Claire Keiser, 49.95

100 meter Freestyle: 1st, Lauren Heitkamp, 1:14.52; 6th, Courtney Batten, 1:21.23; 7th, Tori Ahrens, 1:22.40; 8th, Grace Francis, 1:24.61; 9th, Chloe Francis, 1:25.87; 11th, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:37.98

200 meter Freestyle Relay: 1st, Taylor Cordonnier, Grace Francis, Morgan Frederick, Kari Mangen, 2:37.44

100 meter Backstroke: 1st, Courtney Batten, 1:26.38; 4th, Grace Francis, 1:36.58; 6th, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:40.74; 11th, Kari Mangen, 1:52.50

Covington JV

wrestlers win

COVINGTON — Covington’s JV team won a hard fought 25-21 victory over Mechanicsburg on Wednesday.

Alexis Roth (113) earned a convincing 12-4 major decision over Gabby Terry for the Buccs, followed by Chris Triplett’s pin over Bella Link at 120..

Covington’s Riley Richards (126) then made it three in a row with an exciting 5-2 victory over Ben Stroud.

Parker Dysinger (138) earned the last Buccaneer victory with a pin over Frank Magger.

Covington’s junior high team also won an exciting dual over a strong Mechanicsburg squad, 48-40. Duncan Cooper (134) got things rolling for the Buccs with a pin over Tanner Frisby. Jesse Fisher (150) earned a forfeit.

Gage Kerrigan (160) kept things rolling for Covington with a pin over Caleb Sanchez..

Grant Babylon (285) won the next won for the Buccs by pin over Dylan Johnson, before the Indians would take the lead, 28-24. Covington’s Cael Vanderhorst then received a forfeit at 92.

Bryce Smith (98) then picked up a big pin for the Buccs over Gabe Chandler to give the Buccs a 36-28 lead. Covington’s Gavin Swank received a forfeit at 110.

Austin Flick (128) then secured the victory for Covington with a pin over Cameron Winnt to conclude the dual.

Piqua youth

host meet

The Piqua youth wrestling team team wrestled tough, but did not bring home any champions at a meet at Piqua recently.. Placing second were Aiden Coppock (5-1), Dominic Johnston (5-1), Nickolai Kaye (5-1), Kaden Walling (3-3), Averi Wiley (4-2), Zayvier Johnson (5-1), Jayden Biggio (2-4), Bryce Deal (3-3), Max Kaye (4-2) and Brady Mikolajewski (3-3).

Placing third were Cohen Mikolajewski (2-6), William Allen (2-4), Riley Wente (3-3) and Landon Rees (4-2).

Placing fourth were Gage Walling (2-3), Joseph Kline (1-5), Dylan Johnston (0-6), Donavan Taylor (0-5), Wyatt Ward (0-6), Andrew Powis (0-6), Ethan Tucker (3-3) and Jerrod Rees (3-3).

Roaders JH

gets victory

The Bradford eighth grade girls basketball team defeated Ansonia 31-9.

Skipp Miller led Bradford with 14 points and Mercedes Smith added five.