Deal, Robbins shoot 36s in Industrial Leagues

Brian Deal was low gross with 36 in the Thursday Industrial League at Echo Hills.

Justin Weber was second with 37.

Jeff Cotner, Kyle Kanet and Ron Pearson tied for third with 39.

Luke Karn and Lance Karn tied for low net with 33.

Tying for third with 34 were Hank Poff, Dave Novotny, Derek Jennings and Brent Hoes.


Hank’s Place 16

Jenning’s Construction 15

Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Ford 14.5

Brownlee – Wray 14

A.R.M.S. Inc. 12.5

Gisco 11

Paul Sherry Chrysler 10.5

Classic Concrete 10.5

Winnsupply Of Piqua 10

Erwin Distributing 9.5

Hemm’s Glass 9

Davis Meats 7.5

Robbins cards

36 at Echo Hills

Brian Robbins was low gross with 36 in the Wednesday Industrial League at Echo Hills.

Brian Deal was second with 37 and Chris Garrity was third with 38.

Tim Summers was low net with 30.

Tying for second with 33 were Randi Pearson and Jim Heath.


Long Shots 17.5

Unity National Bank 16

Joe Thoma Jewelers 13

Edward Jones – Chris Garrity 11.5

Paul Sherry Chrysler 11

Francis Office Supply 10

Smitty’s Bike Shop 10

Murray Properties 10

Hartzell Buffaloes 8.5