Riley saves the day for baseball fan at Edison State-Lorain County game

Saves the day for fan at Charger game

Layne Riley

Layne Riley

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LORAIN —- While Edison State baseball pitcher Layne Riley is a standout on the diamond, what he did between games of a doubleheader sweep of Lorain County Monday was far more important.

A fan in attendance wrote the following letter to describe Riley’s actions to Edison State athletic director Nathan Cole.

Dear Mr. Cole

I’m sure you haven’t heard but on Monday baseball player Layne Riley helped me between the double header of the teams games with LCCC. I have MS and use a wheelchair to get around. I was alone between games and needed to use the restroom. I was wheeling myself when I was passing the team’s dugout. Layne and two of his teammates came out to head the same direction as me. I asked Layne if he would help push my chair, he accepted.

While using the rest room I began to get up from the toilet and fell off onto the floor. I tried for the next couple minutes to get up and was having no luck. I was in the family/handicap restroom with the door locked. As I’m trying to figure out how to get off the floor I hear the noise of cleats on the concrete sidewalk outside. The players were heading back to the field. I now was wondering how would I get out of this.

Than there was a knock on the door and I yelled ‘help I fell and I’m on the floor and the door is locked! Please get help’ I never thought it was Layne checking on me. Seemed like just 2 minutes later the door opened and in rushed 4 or 5 guys. 1 guy from the Park and Layne picked me up off the floor and put me back into my chair. After explaining what had happened and that I was okay, Layne pushed my chair back to the field.

I told Layne, ‘I can’t believe you waited for me.’ His response was great, ‘getting you back to the field was my responsibility.’ So many times we hear stories about how bad things are in the world today, but not on this day. A young man went out of his way to make sure a total stranger with a disability was being helped and taken care.

I thought you should hear about this from me and if there is a humanitarian award from the school than Layne has to win it. I can never thank him enough and I hope you can for me. Thank you Layne thank you!!

Matt Luca

In the opening game of the doubleheader, Edison won 24-7.

Riley was 4-for-5 with two doubles and one RBI; while Edward Alexander was 3-for-4 with a triple and three RBIs.

Mason Mochabee was 3-for-4 with a double and one RBI, while Jacob Clements was 2-for-2 with a double and three RBIs.

Chase Schoeff was 2-for-3 with a home run and five RBIs, while Tanner Keyes was 3-for-4 with two RBIs and Travis Smith had two doubles.

Tyler Defibaugh pitched a seven-hitter on the mound, striking out three and walking two.

Edison completed the sweep with a 17-0 win.

Ben Thomas was 3-for-4 with a two doubles and three RBIs, while Smith was 3-for-4 with two RBIs.

Mochabee was 2-for-3 with three RBIs, while Clements was 2-for-3.

Leamsi Bermudez hit a home run, Schoeff had two RBIs and Riley and Keyes each had one.

Wyatt Meyer and Richard Nixon combined on a two-hitter, striking out six and walking one.

The Chargers followed that up with a 7-1 win over Heidelberg JVs Wednesday.

Joey Pryor was 2-for-3 with a double and three RBIs.

Bermudez and Keyes were both 2-for-4 with one RBI.

Clements was 2-for-2, Mochabee was 2-for-4, Alexander was 2-for-5 and Schoeff had one RBI.

Nixon pitched a seven-hitter, striking out seven.

Edison State, 12-15 overall and 5-9 in the OCCAC, will host Cuyahoga in doubleheaders Friday and Saturday.

Layne Riley Riley
Saves the day for fan at Charger game