Emerick gets deja vu ace at Echo Hills; Sports Editor trash talks hill

Rob Kiser|Call Photo Mike Emerick didn’t have to put on the seventh hole Tuesday at Echo Hills.

Rob Kiser|Call Photo Mike Emerick didn’t have to put on the seventh hole Tuesday at Echo Hills.

Rob Kiser

It was deja vu for Mike Emerick Tuesday at Echo Hills Golf Course — while for me, it was simply time to trash talk a tree, but more on that later.

Emerick used a 3-wood — I mean pitching wedge — to ace the 103-yard seventh hole, with Tommy Huffman, Marvellous Marv Simmons and Steve Chambers witnessing the ace.

I say deja vu because it was several years ago that Mike hit the same 3 wood — I mean pitching wedge — on that hole.

And I know that because I happened the guy playing with him at the time.

What I remember is Mike complaining the entire walk to the green about how he couldn’t believe his ball didn’t get to the green as well as he hit it.

That is, until I spotted the ball in the hole.

Just remember Mike, I aced the hole before you did — no matter how many times you do it — and I am still waiting on the shirt for outdriving you LOL.

As for the trash talking.

It started Monday morning during a round at Echo Hills.

Let’s just say I didn’t make the best decision on the 11th hole — as witnessed by Mike, Dave Polhamus, Don Polhamus and Bob Went.

We were playing the gold tees and after taking my cart up to the gold tees on 12, I grabbed my 60-degree and putter (my ball was just off the green on 11) and made the decision to run down the steepest part of the hill.

Near the bottom of the hill, I actually felt like Brandon Saine for a few seconds.

But, I soon realized my body wasn’t built to stay upright at Brandon Saine speed.

After doing a face-plant on the ground, my first thought was who forgot to block Ben Schmiesing.

Not only did I land on the end of my clubs, but my shoulder, knee and elbow are still sore from that jolt.

The second thing I realized after coming to my senses is how hard the other four guys were laughing (in all fairness, they did all ask me if I was OK by the time we got to the 12th tee).

After trying to hit a couple shots on 12, I decided to shut it down for the day.

But I decided to return to the course on Tuesday.

And while there was still some pain in my side on every swing, it got less as the day went on and I made it through all 18 holes.

And there was no question what I was going to do when I got to the eleventh hole.

First, stay off the hill at all costs — and secondly, make sure the hill knew that I won.

As I was doing that, Bob Went asked me what I said and I simply replied, I was talking to the hill — as Pat Harrison and he shook their heads.

After the round, as I went in the clubhouse, I learned of Mike’s hole-in-one.

And while that is great, I am not looking to have any deja vu moment with the hill.

Hue Must Go

I can only hope this weekend will be the last flight for Hue Jackson on Air 1-and-31 (as I like to refer to the Browns team plane).

All I heard from him in the offseason was how he just needed talented football players.

He has those now — and all it has done is turn 1-31 into 3-35-1 — exactly what NFL coach has started their career anything close to 3-35-1 and kept their jobs?

So for once Jimmy (Haslam) do the right thing.

Well, I guess I should say twice — you did hire John Dorsey after all.

Regardless, do all Browns fans a favor and end Hue’s run of misery — only matched by the incompetence of NFL officiating.

And I am pretty sure the Brown not only lead the team in turnover margin at plus-10 (and Hue still struggles to win in spite of that), but also weekly apologizes from the NFL on the officiating.

Left tackles aren’t allowed to take two steps before the ball is snapped, quarterbacks aren’t allowed to be hit helmet-to-helmet after starting their slide —- who knew?

Not the officials who were doing the last two Browns games.

I am just waiting for a Hue-free Sunday, with competent officials (a pipe dream I know) to see just how good the Browns are — and to avoid deja vu with the hill on the 11th hole at Echo Hills.

Rob Kiser|Call Photo Mike Emerick didn’t have to put on the seventh hole Tuesday at Echo Hills.
https://www.dailycall.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2018/10/web1_mike-1.jpgRob Kiser|Call Photo Mike Emerick didn’t have to put on the seventh hole Tuesday at Echo Hills.

Rob Kiser
https://www.dailycall.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2018/10/web1_kiser-1.jpgRob Kiser