Bradford powerlifters compete at state meet

KENTON — The Bradford Powerlifting competed at the Division V-VI-VII state powerlifting meet Saturday at Kenton.

The boys finished sixth and the girls finished fifth, as Bradford had 33 lifters compete in the final meet of the season.

“I would like to thank all our lifters for this season, it was a challenge health wise for myself,” Bradford coach Greg Hale said. ” I would also thank Desi Layman for sponsoring our team shirts. Don Selanders for pictures and Kyle Shaner and Rob Kiser from the newspapers. And last but not least my wife Cindy, and my coaches, Chris Hawk, Anthony Monnin, Shawn Cotrell, Kyle Parker, and my son Curt Hale.”

Bradford boys lifted 10,820 pounds.

Finishing second was Hunter Penkal (185 pounds).

Penal had a squat of 450 pounds (top squat), bench of 260 pounds and deadlift of 435 poounds for 1,145 pounds.

Finishing third was Ethan Saunders (125).

He had a squat of 250, bench of 175 and deadlift of 285 for 710 pounds.

Finishing eighth were Kyle Kissinger (135) and Larkin Painter (175).

Kissinger had a 175 squat, 175 bench (top bench) and 255 deadlift for 605 pounds.

Painter had a 375 squat, 225 bench and 405 deadlift for 1,005 pounds.

Taking ninth was Ethan Reed (210).

Reed had a squat of 390, bench of 22o and deadlift of 360 for 970 pounds.

Finishing 10th were Dalton Bubeck (125) and Corey Cotrell (225).

Bubeck had a squat of of 190, bench 135 and deadlift 215 for 540 pounds.

Cotrell had a squat of 440, bench of 205 and deadlift for of 405 for 1,050 pounds.

Finishing 11th was Kenton Mead (145).

Mead had a squat of 275, bench of 140 and deadlift of 300 for 715 pounds.

Taking 12th were Ben Kitts (145) and Dylan Mitchell (165).

Kitts had a squat of 245, bench of 135 and deadlift of 330 for 710 pounds.

Mitchell had a squat of 300, bench 185 and deadlift of 335 for 820 pounds.

Also competing for the boys were Nate Fries, Joey Brussell, Jared Shellabarger, Jarrett Richardson Welch, Dane Shelton, Jordan Shellabarger, Brant Helman, Jarrett Boggs, Jacob McQuinn and Taylor Stine.

The girls lifted 4,245 pounds.

Taking third was Erica Gaynor (145).

She had a squat of 22, bench of 100 and deadlift of 235 for 560 pounds.

Finishing fourth were Ashlyn Plessinger (115), Hannah Stine (125) and Courtney Monnin (155).

Plessinger had a squat of 22o, bench of 85 and deadlift of 195 for 500 pounds.

Stine had a squat of 185, bnech of 105 and deadlift of 245 for 535 pounds.

Monnin had a squat of 215, bench of 100 and deadlift of 230 for 545 pounds.

Finishing sixth was Aliviyah Boggs (135).

She had a squat of 200, bench of 95 and deadlift of 240 for 535 pounds.

Also participating for the girls were Hannah Lear, Mercedes Smith, Caroline Gleason, Kat Reineke, Kiersten Kitts, Hailee Baker and Jennifer Wolf.