A league of their own?; GWOC North, South could form own league

Staff Reports

MIAMI COUNTY — The Greater Western Ohio Conference may soon have a very different look … one that doesn’t include three local schools.

According to several published reports, 10 members of the American League North and South Divisions are planning on leaving the 20-team GWOC and merging to form a new conference. Miami County teams Troy, Tippecanoe and Piqua all are members of the GWOC American North Division. This announcement allegedly was made Wednesday at a meeting of GWOC superintendents, principals and athletic directors.

“Piqua is currently is a member of the Greater Western Ohio Conference,” Piqua athletic director Chip Hare said. “We have no commet as a district.”

Currently, the GWOC consists of 20 teams in two leagues, the American and National, and two divisions within each league, the American North and South and National East and West. The breakdown of divisions is as follows:

• American North: Troy, Tippecanoe, Piqua, Sidney, Butler and Greenville.

• American South: Trotwood-Madison, West Carollton, Stebbins, Fairborn and Xenia.

• National East: Centerville, Beavercreek, Fairmont, Wayne and Springfield.

• National West: Springboro, Lebanon, Northmont and Miamisburg.

Under the alleged proposal made at Wednesday’s meeting, all six of the schools currently in the American North would leave the GWOC and merge with four out of the five members of the American South — all but Trotwood-Madison — to form a new conference.

If this proposal comes to pass, it almost certainly would not be in place for the 2018-19 school year. According to GWOC bylaws, schools that plan on leaving the GWOC must submit a written notification by April 1, then agree to a two-year commitment to stay in the conference following that written notification. The two-year commitment can be negotiated between the departing schools and the GWOC, however.

Troy and Piqua were two of the founding members of the GWOC when teams from the now-defunct Greater Miami Valley Conference and Western Ohio League merged to form the Dayton-area “super conference.” Several teams were added later, including Tippecanoe, which joined the GWOC in the fall of 2016.