Piqua swimmers advance to GWOC finals; Versailles boys win Coldwater Invite, girls take fourth

Staff Reports

TROTWOOD —The Piqua girls swimming team advanced three swimmers and a relay team to the finals of the GWOC meet Thursday.

Both Meredith Karn, Julia Anderson and Colleen Cox all advanced in two events, along with the 400 freestyle relay advancing.

At the GWOC American meet, Anderson finished first in the 100 backstroke, 1:03.90; and finished second in the 200 IM, 2:24.68.

She has the eighth fastest time in the backstroke and 11th fastest time in the IM.

Karn won the 100 butterfly, 1:03.58; and finished second in the 200 freestyle, 2:08.10.

She has the fifth fastest time in the butterfly and the 12th fastest time in the freestyle.

Cox finished fourth in both the 50 freestyle, 25.99; and 100 freestyle, 57.65.

She advanced with the eighth fastest time in the 50 freestyle and 11th fastest time in the 100 freestyle.

Gracie Clark finished seventh in the 500 freestyle, 6:42.52.

Those four girls combined to win the 400 freestyle relay, 4:03.67 and advanced with the fifth fastest time.

The girls 200 freestyle relay (Jennifer Crusey, Maddy Fogt, Gabbie Knouff, Oaniece Weaver) and the boys 200 freestyle relay (Collin Hutton, Mitch Fletcher, Gabe Switzer, Michael Switzer) are both alternates.

In diving, Piqua had the only divers in the competition.

Winning was Carrie Meckstroth, 176 points.

Finishing second was Reece Tate, 137.5; taking third was Haleigh Beougher, 113.20; and finishing fourth was Kristen McMurray, 80.95.

Versailles boys

win at Coldwater

The Versailles High School boys swimming team won the Coldwater Invitational.

Cole Condon broke the meet record in the 50 yard freestyle with a time of 22.26.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 1st, 1:49.04, Versailles A, Ryan Subler (FR) Jack Detrick (FR) Cole Condon (JR) Clint Morgan (SR)

200 yard Freestyle: 4th, 2:24.29, Gehret, Adam; 5th, 2:24.48, Huelskamp, Mitchell

200 yard IM: 3rd, 2:42.47, Barga, Pete

50 yard Freestyle: 1st, 22.26, Condon, Cole; 2nd, 23.56, Morgan, Clint ; 5th, 25.01, Subler, Ryan; 8th, 26.14, Nelson, Nathanial; 14th, 27.71, Wagner, Jarrod; 16th, 28.62 Petitjean, Jarrett;18th, 29.14 Schultz, Owen; 21st, 30.28 Ethan, Davis; 22nd, 31.38, Nelson, Jonathan

100 yard Butterfly: 3rd, 1:07.28, Detrick, Jack; 4th, 1:11.48, Barga, Pete; 7th, 1:39.17, Ethan, Davis

100 yard Freestyle: 1st, 49.30, Condon, Cole; 2nd, 52.46, Morgan, Clint; 6th, 57.74, Nelson, Nathanial; 12th, 1:03.04 Gehret, Adam; 15th, 1:04.66, Wagner, Jarrod; 16th, 1:05.09 , Petitjean, Jarrett; 22nd, 1:13.36 Nelson, Jonathan

500 yard Freestyle: 1st, 6:16.11, Baltes, Stuart; 2nd, 6:18.81, Subler, Ryan

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st, 1:34.72, Versailles A, Clint Morgan (SR) Stuart Baltes (JR) Jack Detrick (FR) Cole Condon (JR)

100 yard Backstroke: 3rd, 1:11.67, Baltes, Stuart

100 yard Breaststroke: 3rd, 1:17.41, Detrick, Jack, 5th, 1:19.59, Huelskamp, Mitchell ; 7th, 1:22.14, Schultz, Owen

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st, 4:00.93, Versailles A, Ryan Subler (FR) Nathanial Nelson (SR) Pete Barga (SR) Mitchell Huelskamp (SR)

Lady Tigers

take fourth

The Versailles High School girls swimming team placed fourth at the Coldwater Invitational.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 4th, 2:09.40, Versailles A, Courtney Batten (JR) Lauren Menke (FR) Bethany Jones (FR) Tori Ahrens (JR)

200 yard Freestyle: 7th, 2:30.52, Menke, Lauren; 9th, 2:34.38, Frederick, Morgan , 10th, 2:43.21, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 12th, 2:49.79, Rush, Katelyn

200 yard IM: 6th, 2:43.78, Jay, Alexis; 8th, 2:50.89, Prakel, Lucy; 10th, 2:53.35, Francis, Grace

50 yard Freestyle: 6th, 27.63, Ahrens, Tori; 9th, 28.78, Cavin, Sara; 12th, 29.55, Berger, Payton; 13th, 29.60, Day, Deanna; 14th, 29.67, Jones, Bethany; 22nd, 30.82, Monnin, Lauren; 24th, 31.28, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 28th, 32.02, Francis, Chloe; 29th, 32.17, Rush, Katelyn ; 36th, 34.54, Smith, Shelby; 37th, 35.09, Cordonnier, Taylor; 45th, 38.25, Gigandet, Melissa

100 yard Butterfly: 6th, 1:16.25, Jay, Alexis; 8th, 1:17.89, Prakel, Lucy, 11th, 1:26.52, Dross, Kasidy

100 yard Freestyle: 6th, 1:03.00, Ahrens, Tori; 7th, 1:03.13, Cavin, Sara; 11th, 1:09.59, Frederick, Morgan; 13th, 1:10.62, Bey, Hannah; 16th, 1:12.13, Monnin, Lauren; 19th, 1:13.67, Francis, Chloe; 24th, 1:17.33, Keiser, Claire; 27th, 1:21.42, Smith, Shelby; 29th, 1:24.18, Gigandet, Melissa 29

500 yard Freestyle: 5th, 6:36.45, Day, Deanna; 8th, 6:57.58, Batten, Courtney

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 5th, 1:54.83; Versailles A, Sara Cavin (FR) Payton Berger (SR) Bethany Jones (FR) Tori Ahrens (JR)

100 yard Backstroke: 6th, 1:16.94, Batten, Courtney; 7th, 1:19.89, Francis, Grace; 13th, 1:28.95, Keiser, Claire; 18th, 1:44.35, Dross, Kasidy 18

100 yard Breaststroke: 5th, 1:19.52, Menke, Lauren; 7th, 1:21.92, Berger, Payton; 10th, 1:24.17, Bey, Hannah; 12th, 1:27.23, Cordonnier, Taylor 12

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 4th, 4:27.23, Versailles A, Sara Cavin (FR) Alexis Jay (FR) Payton Berger (SR) Deanna Day (SO)