Bradford powerlifters have strong showing; Versailles swimmers compete at Bellbrook

NEW MADISON — The Bradford powerlifting team competed at Tri-Village this past Saturday.

The meet was a Push/Pull meet, which means the athletes bench pressed and deadlifted. Also the meet was divided into a freshman/sophomore division and a junior/senior division. As individuals the Bradford lifters did very well.

Seven of Bradford’s 10 girls placed, while 17 of 18 boys placed.

Winning for the girls was Courtney Monnin, 155 class 9/10 division.

Taking second were Hannah Stine 125 class 9/10 division and Hailee Baker, 185 class 9/10 division.

Taking third were Erica Gaynor,135 class 9/10 division and finishing fourth was Aliviyah Boggs, 125 class 9/10 division.

Taking fifth was Hannah Lear,115 class 9/10 division and Jennifer Wolf, Unlimited class 9/10 division.

Winning for the boys were Ethan Saunders, 125 class 9/10 and Corey Cotrell, 225 class 9/10.

Taking second were Kyle Kissinger, 135 class 9/10; Keaton Mead, 145 class. 9/10; Dillon Mitchell, 155 class 9/10; Hunter Penkal, 185 class 11/12; and Ethan Reed, 210 class 9/10.

Finishing third were Nate Fries, 135 class 11/12; and Jared Richardson Welch, 155 class 9/10; while taking fourth were Dalton Bubeck, 115 class 9/10; Joey Brussell, 145 class 9/10; Larkin Painter, 175 class 11/12; and Brant Helman, 210 class 9/10.

Finishing fifth were Dane Shelton, 185 class 9/10; Clayton Layman, 165 class 11/12; Shawn Jones, 225 class 9/10; and Jarrett Boggs. 250 class 11/12.

Bradford will be back in action Saturday at Kenton Ridge.


Tiger boys

take sixth

DAYTON — The Versailles boys swimming team finished sixth at the Bellbrook Invitational.

Versailles results were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 3rd, 1:52.74, Versailles A, Subler, Ryan (FR) Detrick, Jack (FR) Condon, Cole (JR) Morgan, Clint (SR); 7th, 2:04.71, Versailles B, Baltes, Stuart (JR) Huelskamp, Mitchell (SR) Barga, Pete (SR) Nelson, Nathanial (SR)

200 yard Freestyle: 18th, Nathanial Nelson, 2:29.72; 19th, Jarrett Petitjean, 2:38.60; 21st, Jonathan Nelson, 2:54.11

200 yard IM: 11th, 2:53.38, Barga, Pete

50 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 22.49, Condon, Cole; 10th, 24.93, Morgan, Clint; 14th, 25.46, Baltes, Stuart; 19th, 25.99, Subler, Ryan; 22nd, 27.09, Nelson, Nathanial, 28th, 27.97, Gehret, Adam; 31st, 28.06, Wagner, Jarrod; 36th, 29.03, Petitjean, Jarrett ; 44th, 30.98, Ethan, Davis; 46th, 31.06, Schultz, Owen; 47th, 31.11, Nelson, Jonathan

100 yard Butterfly: 9th, 1:08.06, Detrick, Jack; 12th, 1:15.46, Barga, Pete; 18th, 1:33.22, Ethan, Davis

100 yard Freestyle: 9th, 56.50, Morgan, Clint; 15th, 1:00.78, Huelskamp, Mitchell; 18th, 1:05.03, Gehret, Adam

500 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 5:28.00, Condon, Cole

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 4th, 1:37.55, Versailles Clint Morgan (SR) Ryan Subler (FR) Jack Detrick (FR) Cole Condon (JR); 9th, 1:46.56, Versailles B, Nathanial Nelson (SR) Pete Barga (SR) Mitchell Huelskamp (SR) Stuart Baltes (JR); 14th, 1:55.56, Versailles C, Jarrod Wagner (SR) Davis Ethan (SO) Jarrett Petitjean (FR) Adam Gehret (SR)

100 yard Backstroke: 4th, 1:09.63, Subler, Ryan

100 yard Breaststroke: 9th, 1:21.34, Detrick, Jack; 10th, 1:23.03, Huelskamp, Mitchell; 12th, 1:25.11, Schultz, Owen; 18th, 1:41.90, Wagner, Jarrod

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 11th, 4:37.60, Versailles A, Adam Gehret (SR) Owen Schultz (FR) Jarrett Petitjean (FR) Jarrod Wagner (SR)

Lady Tigers

finish fourth

DAYTON — The Versailles girls swimming team finished fourth at the Bellbrook Invitational.

The results for Versailles were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 4th, 2:11.82, Versailles A, Courtney Batten (JR) Lauren Menke (FR) Bethany Jones (FR) Tori Ahrens (JR); 7th, 2:17.16, Versailles B, Sara Cavin (FR) Payton Berger (SR) Alexis Jay (FR) Deanna Day (SO); 14th, 2:27.47, Versailles C, Kari Mangen (SR) Taylor Cordonnier (JR) Kasidy Dross (SO) Morgan Frederick (JR)

200 yard Freestyle: 6th, 2:23.11, Day, Deanna; 16th, 2:41.98, Frederick, Morgan; 19th, 2:47.56, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 21st, 2:51.66, Monnin, Lauren

200 yard IM: 7th, 2:51.04, Jay, Alexis, 11th, 2:57.58, Francis, Grace; 19th, 3:17.36, Cordonnier, Taylor

50 yard Freestyle: 6th, 28.73, Ahrens, Tori; 8th, 28.98, Cavin, Sara; 12th, 29.98, Jones, Bethany; 13th, 30.18, Day, Deanna; 14th, 31.15, Francis, Grace; 18th, 31.53, Monnin, Lauren; 21st, 31.65, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 26th, 31.87, Frederick, Morgan; 28th, 32.08, Bey, Hannah; 31st, 32.24, Mangen, Kari; 38th, 33.05, Rush, Katelyn; 53rd, 34.44, Francis, Chloe; 64th, 36.73, Keiser, Claire; 69yh, 37.57, Gigandet, Melissa

100 yard Butterfly: 6th, 1:16.71, Wilker, Faith; 10th, 1:23.63, Jay, Alexis; 12th, 1:31.09, Dross, Kasidy

100 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 1:03.84, Wilker, Faith; 4th, 1:04.27, Cavin, Sara; 6th, 1:05.59, Ahrens, Tori; 10th, 1:07.75, Berger, Payton

500 yard Freestyle: 13th, 6:56.65, Menke, Lauren; 15th, 7:08.11, Batten, Courtney

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 4th, 1:55.70, Versailles A, Payton Berger (SR) Sara Cavin (FR) Faith Wilker (SR) Tori Ahrens (JR); 6th, 2:02.19, Versailles B, Bethany Jones (FR) Deanna Day (SO) Alexis Jay (FR) Morgan Frederick (JR); 12th, 2:10.79, Versailles D, Lauren Monnin (FR) Kaia Kruckeberg (SO) Katelyn Rush (JR) Taylor Cordonnier (JR); 15th, 2:14.79, Versailles C, Grace Francis (JR) Melissa Gigandet (JR) Hannah Bey (SO) Chloe Francis (JR)

100 yard Backstroke: 7th, 1:17.57, Batten, Courtney; 16th, 1:26.31, Dross, Kasidy; 17th, 1:26.74, Mangen, Kari; 22nd, 1:31.15, Keiser, Claire

100 yard Breaststroke: 4th, 1:22.06, Menke, Lauren; 6th, 1:25.08, Berger, Payton; 9th, 1:27.46, Bey, Hannah; 12th, 1:29.64, Cordonnier, Taylor

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 5th, 4:41.55, Versailles A, Faith Wilker (SR) Lauren Menke (FR) Kasidy Dross (SO) Courtney Batten (JR)

10th, 4:57.95, Versailles B, Grace Francis (JR) Kaia Kruckeberg (SO) Chloe Francis (JR) Kari Mangen (SR); 13th, 5:06.73, Versailles C, Lauren Monnin (FR) Hannah Bey (SO) Claire Keiser (JR) Katelyn Rush (JR)