Batting leaguesat Duke Park

The Frosty Brown Fall Batting Leagues are fast approaching at Duke Park in Troy.

That includes the Original Fall Batting Leagues (ages 13-18, $115) on Monday through Thursdays with an August 26 deadline to sign up, the Live Pitching League (ages 13-18, ($115) on Saturdays and Sundays, with an August 26 deadline to sign up and the Junior Fall Batting League (9-12, $90) on Saturdays and Mondays, with a Sept. 9 deadline to sign up.

Those interested can sign up at and you can get more info by contacting Frosty Brown at or call 937-339-4383 937-474-9093.

Robbins cards

35 at Echo Hills

Brian Robbins was low gross with 35 on back nine at Echo Hills in the Thursday Industrial League.

Brad Erwin was second with 36, while Mike Ford and Mike Butsch tied for third at 37.

Mick Leffel was low net with 27, while Luke Karn and Jeff Jackson tied for second with 31.


Tim Horton’s 82.5

Brownlee — Wray 77.5

Jenning’s Construction 71

Little Debbies 70.5

Atlantis Sportswear 68.5

Craycon Homes 64.5

Paul Sherry Chrysler 62

Nephos Vapor 62

Hemm’s Glass 61

A.R.M.S. Inc. 60.5

Gisco 58

Robbins goes

even lower

In a theme for the week, Brian Robbins was low gross in the Wednesday Industrial League at Echo Hills with a 34 on the back nine.

Casey Lavey and Andy Teach tied for second with 37.

Andy Cox was low net with 27, while Eric Lavey, Ron Pearson Sr. and Dave Cox tied for second with 30.


Joe Thoma Jewelers 90

Patriot Fence 80

Adam & Eve 68.5

Mulligan’s Pub 64

Dr. Steve Koon Optometrist 61

Smitty’s Bike Shop 60.5

Long Shots 56

Wing’s & Ring’s 56

Francis Office Supply 55.5

3 Bros & The “Law” 45.5

Finkes cards

34 at Echo

Sandy Finkes was low gross with 34 in the Tuesday Ladies League at Echo Hills.

Kathie Huemmer was second with 47.

Judy Williams was low net with 29 and Renie Huffman was second with 31.

Cindy Pearson was low putts with 12 and Marty Hemm was second with 14.