Jackson recordsace at Echo Hills

Jeff Jackson had a hole in one on recently at Echo Hills.

He used a pitching wedge on the 121-yard seventh hols.

Witnessing the ace were Jeff Dawson, Dave Cox and Bob Reddel.

Deal cards

33 at Echo

Brian Deal was low gross with 33 in the Thursday Industrial League at Echo Hills.

Brian Robbins and Ben Gover tied for second with 34.

Tim Jacomet was low net with 29.

Kiel Feeser was second with 30, while Scott Zimpher and Dave Neal tied for third with 31.


Tim Horton’s 72

Brownlee — Wray 66

Jenning’s Construction 64

Little Debbies 62.5

Atlantis Sportswear 60

Craycon Homes 58

Paul Sherry Chrysler 55.5

Nephos Vapor 54

A.R.M.S. Inc. 53.5

Hemm’s Glass 52.5

Gisco 48