Mayse takes fourth at D-I district; Spitzer second in D-II

Rob Kiser/Call Photo Piqua’s Andy Mayse (left) runs in a group of runners at the start of the D-I district race at Cedarville Saturday.

By Rob Kiser

CEDARVILLE — The time may not have been the one Piqua senior Andy Mayse had been looking for.

But, it was plenty good enough to earn Mayse a third straight trip to the Troy Division I regional meet.

Mayse finished fourth in 16:27.02 at the Cedarville D-I district race Saturday.

“I was hoping to get the school record today,” said Mayse referring to the time of 16:05. “Because the regionals next week is a tough course and if I get to state, that is not known for fast times.”

But, in the end, Mayse knows it is about running next week.

“The only number that mattered today is 32,” Mayse said, referring to the top 32 advancing to regionals. “I was pretty happy with my race. I was third most of the race and one guy picked me off. I would have liked to pick him off, but being top 32 is all that matters.”

Piqua finished 18th as a team.

The rest of the Indian runners included Dante Kemp, 76, 18:25.46; Mitch Fletcher, 88, 18:44.60; Bradley McPherson, 122, 19:36.58; Dakota Ward, 138, 20:25.21; Cameron Brown, 139, 20:25.21; Preston Schaeffer, 165, 23:05.41.


Versailles boys advanced two runners on to the regional meet.

Versailles junior Joey Spitzer was in a battle with Carroll’s Mike Laughlin and Eaton’s Seth Gard the whole race. In the end, Laughlin won in 16:17.87, Spitzer was second in 16:19.54 and Gard was third in 16:28.80.

Versailles junior Noah Pleiman was 13th in 16:58.36 to advance as well.

The Tigers finished 10th as a team.

The rest of the Versailles runners included Brooks Blakeley, 68, 18:37.51; Adam Gehret, 85, 19:02.81; Stuart Baltes, 87, 19:03.85; Mitchell Huelskamp, 91, 19:14.19; and Jacob Wenig, 104, 19:33.18.


Miami East, Houston and Russia all advanced as teams to the D-III regional meet, while Newton’s Ryan Mollete advanced as an individual.

Miami East finished fourth.

The Vikings runners included Gavin Horne, 8, 16:54.01; Noah Shook, 22, 17:28.77; Justin DeWeese, 38, 17:54.38; Luke Mengos, 54, 18:12.87; Alex Hayes, 68, 18:34.58; Taton Bertsch, 79, 18:47.59; and Keagan Carsey, 87, 18:59.55.

Houston finished fifth.

The Wildcats runners included Tristin Freistuhler, 14, 17:14.39; Ethan Knouff, 26, 17:30.32; Parker Cox, 33, 17:50.49; Dakota Francis, 55, 18:17.26; Blake Jacobs, 65, 18:29.45; Devyn Ostrander, 76, 18:44.85; and Jacob Slater, 83, 18:51.71.

Russia finished seventh.

The Raiders runners included Zachary Bell, 16, 17:16.86; Alex Seger, 27, 17:40.26; Mason Dapore, 28, 17:41.21; Ethan Monnier, 62, 18:25.30; Gavin George, 71, 18:36.60; Jordan Busse, 88, 19:00.91; and Andrew DeLoye, 92, 19:06.97.

Covington was 14th.

The Buccs runners included Zane Barhorst, 37, 17:54.32; Nathan Lyle, 82, 18:51.22; Hunter Brumbaugh, 95, 19:12.88; Dylan Kelly, 96, 19:13.85; Josh Sowers, 110, 19:45.33; Ian Beneddict, 142, 20:30.35; and Fletcher Metz, 144, 20:35.63.

Mollette led Newton to a 16th-place finish, taking 34th in 17:51.68.

The rest of the Indians runners were Tristen Benedict, 45, 18:01.55; Curtis Shellenberger, 103, 19:30.97; Charlie Walker, 109, 19:46.78; and Toby Hunt, 181, 22:06.09.

Bradford finished 19th.

The Railroader runners included Jay Roberts, 61, 18:25.01; Johnny Fike, 63, 18:25.97; Jackson Moore, 80, 18:47.96; Shane Bryan, 164, 21:19.29; and Kurt Hoover, 184, 23:04.01.

Lehman finished 22nd.

The Cavalier runners included Brandon Simmons, 90, 19:04.29; Chris Goettemoeller, 106, 19:33.36; Matthew McDonald, 115, 19:53.73; Isaiah Winhoven, 123, 20:01.97; Elias Bezy, 152, 20:55.33; Alex Vanderhorst, 155, 21:03.45; and Blake Leffel, 158, 21:06.89.

Rob Kiser/Call Photo Piqua’s Andy Mayse (left) runs in a group of runners at the start of the D-I district race at Cedarville Saturday. Kiser/Call Photo Piqua’s Andy Mayse (left) runs in a group of runners at the start of the D-I district race at Cedarville Saturday.