A ‘trophy’ shot for himself

Thoma records first hole-in-one

Rob Kiser

Rob Kiser

On Sunday, July 24, I thought I was just playing in our normal ‘skins’ game at Echo Hills — but that all changed as Hal Cain, Bob Penny, Tim “legend” Tyler walked to the third tee.

As I looked to the third green, I saw Joe Thoma raise his hands in celebration and I knew what had just happened.

Thoma — of Joe Thoma Jewelers had just recorded his first hole-in-one after 53 years of golf.

It was a rewarding moment for those of us who know Joe — who has been kind of enough to make hole-in-one trophies for the last 20 years plus for those who had a hole-in-one at his home course Echo Hills.

Mike Emerick, who along with Mike Butsch and Dave Bornhorst witnessed the shot, later described it as “really cool” to be part of Joe’s hole-in-one.

And what a shot it was.

The tees that day were back near the blue tees, with the hole cut all the way in the back of the green. Thoma used a 4-iron for the 168-yard shot.

So now — after providing all those free trophies for other fortunate trophies — Joe can build one for himself.

Jennings cards

34 at Echo

Jeff Jennings was low gross with 34 in the Thursday Industrial League at Echo Hills.

Ben Gover and Brian Deal tied for second with 35.

Dave Barnhart was low net with 31, while Jeff Dawson, Dan Penrod and Brandon Hostetter tied for second with 32.


Jennings’ Construction 69.5

MichaelWebSolutions 60

Brownlee-Wray 58

Erwin Distributing 57.5

A.R.M.S. Inc. 56

Classic Concrete 50.5

Gisco 48

Paul Sherry Chrysler 48

Tim Horton’s 44

Atlantis Sportswear 43

Nephos Vapor 34.5

Pearsons have

good night

Ron Pearson Jr and Ryan Pearson had good nights in the Wednesday Industrial League at Echo Hills.

Ron was low gross with 36, while Ryan tied Jeff Jennings for second with 37.

The Heaths dominated the net competition.

Ken Heath was low net with 29, while Joe “Ace” Thoma was second with 30.

Tying for third were Jim Heath, Jeff Heath and Dave Cox with 32.


OddBody’s 67.5

Dr. Steve Koon Optometrist 60.5

Joe Thoma Jewelers 59

Smitty’s Bike Shop 50.5

Mulligan’s Pub 49

Adam & Eve 46.5

Long Shots 45

Francis Office Supply 39

Patriot Fence 34

3 Bros & The “Law” 29

Finkes cards

37 at Echo

Sandy Finkes was low gross with 37 in nine-hole play in the Tuesday Ladies League at Echo Hills.

Judy williams was second with 45.

Cindy Pearson and Kathie Isenhouer shared low net with 31, while Marty Hemm and Kathie Molesky tied for low putts with 16.

Rob Kiser
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Thoma records first hole-in-one