Reader supports city employees

To the Editor:

I would like to take a minute and send out a special thank you to Gary Huff (city manager of the city of Piqua) and Don Freisthler (water superintendent) for coming up to Bowling Green State University to share their views in a panel discussion involving environmental justice and discrimination in water crises. Both of these individuals were well informed and added depth to the conversation. The fact that these two made the trek to Bowling Green, Ohio to represent the city of Piqua is truly special.

I believe that the residents of Piqua are quite fortunate to have city employees who truly care about the residents of Piqua. To hear claims that employees in the city of Piqua are discriminating against a group of citizens is disheartening. Both Mr. Huff and Mr. Freisthler both spoke against any type of discrimination in the discussion panel, and both stated that all people deserve to be treated fairly and equally. To say that the employees of the city of Piqua are discriminating against businesses or its citizens is a sad attempt to get attention.

I support the employees of the city of Piqua, as should the rest of the residents in the city of Piqua.

— Nathan Burkholder