Kendell serves to protect citizens

To the Editor:

As a retired Deputy Sheriff with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and an investigator for the Miami County Clerk of Courts, I am asking you, the citizens of Miami County, to support and reelect Prosecutor Anthony “Tony” Kendell as your Miami County Prosecutor.

I have known and worked with Prosecutor Kendell since he first started at the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office and I know he is a prosecutor who serves the citizens of Miami County with integrity and dedication.

I have worked with Prosecutor Kendell on many criminal cases and he has proven to me that he really cares for the victims of crime and wants justice for the citizens of Miami County.

I was the investigating officer on Prosecutor Kendell’s first jury trial, which was an armed robbery with a victim shot during the robbery. Prosecutor Kendell showed me the type of person he is by being prepared and presenting the case to the jury in a professional manner with the result being a conviction. Before and during this trial, Prosecutor Kendell showed true concern and respect for the victim.

This trial was approximately 20 years ago and Prosecutor Kendell still conducts himself as a very professional and dedicated prosecutor to protect the citizens of Miami County.

Please reelect Prosecutor Anthony “Tony” Kendell as our prosecutor for Miami County.

— Billie J. Ray

Retired Deputy Sheriff, Miami County Sheriff’s Office