Voters can count on Beagle

To the editor:

I first met Senator Bill Beagle at the Preble County Fairgrounds. During our conversation I invited him to speak at a veteran’s ceremony being held to honor our fallen heroes. Senator Beagle, without hesitation, responded quickly. Yes, I would be honored and few months later as we were all gathered with the Vietnam Veterans Traveling wall in the background he stood proudly and spoke with conviction as he paid tribute to our fallen comrades.

Mr. Beagle is a strong advocate of our veterans and we should be thankful that we have a man of such conviction on our team. We as veterans need to support Senator Beagle for Congress. He will take our fight to the forefront making sure our voices are heard.

Senator Beagle is a man we can count on.

— Terry Pendergraft

Preble County Veteran Services