Fellow prosecutor support Kendell

To the Editor:

I am the Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney. I have had the pleasure of practicing with and against Miami County Prosecutor Tony Kendell for years. It this election year, I felt it important to pass on to the Miami County voters my impressions of Prosecutor Kendell.

I took office in January 2013. Before taking office, I sought out Tony for help in learning the intricacies of running a prosecutor’s office. Tony was very receptive and provided me with great insight as to the ins and outs of running my office, His knowledge of the “prosecuting business” is impressive.

Once I took office, I had several conflict cases involving prosecution of former clients. Again, I reached out to Tony to assume prosecution of those cases. He saw them through from start to finish. Even though these cases were not “his” cases, he prosecuted them aggressively and fairly.

Tony is an outstanding trial lawyer. As such, he does not shy away from taking felony cases to full jury trials. He is not afraid of trying a tough case. He wins because he is prepared, has an eye for detail and knows how to try a case.

The most important thing you need to know about Prosecutor Kendell is that he is a man of integrity. His word is his bond when dealing with fellow attorneys. He does not sell cases short because it might be easier to take a plea bargain. He understands that a prosecutor’s job is to seek justice and acts accordingly.

Miami County is lucky to have Tony Kendell as its prosecuting attorney. He is experienced, competent and fair. He is also appropriately aggressive.

— Timothy S. Sell

Shelby County Prosecutor