Lillicrap will bring transparency

To the Editor:

Cindy Lillicrap will make a great Miami County Commissioner! As a newcomer to the political landscape, Cindy has no hidden agenda nor is she indebted to any individuals or groups. She simply wants to make a difference and do what is best for all of the citizens of our great county that she will represent.

Cindy will be knowledgeable about the issues, open and approachable, traits that we are looking for in all of our elected officials.

At the same time, she will listen to her constituents before making decisions on difficult issues that will be unpopular to some, but in the best interest of Miami County.

When elected, Cindy Lillicrap will bring transparency to county government and serve with respect, honesty and integrity.

A vote for Cindy Lillicrap is a vote for a Piqua voice as a Miami County Commissioner!

— Duane and Mary Jane Bachman