To the Editor:

Mr. Paul Reece is an excellent candidate for Miami County Sheriff.

I heard Mr. Reece speak recently and he was concise and clear about his intentions as sheriff of Miami County. Reece will focus on reducing the illegal narcotics and the human trafficking in our area. He will work to keep our county safe from the rising tide of terrorism. In addition, he will address the problems in the jail, secure our courthouse, and review the spending and internal policies of the sheriff’s office.

Reece’s credentials exemplify his commitment to educating himself to be the very best in his field. As a civilian law enforcement officer, he was a deputy in Miami and Montgomery Counties, and also an evidence technician, field training officer, narcotics detective, SWAT member, Peace Office Training instructor, and worked with the Department of Homeland Security in research and training.

Supplementing his local experience, Reece has 19 years in military law service, including counter intelligence, counter surveillance, criminal investigations, and provided personal protective details for the Department of Defense. He was mobilized six times, deployed to Afghanistan and also served his county in Guantanamo Bay.

The county sheriff is the person responsible for defending and protecting each and every citizen in his jurisdiction. Reece is the candidate whom I believe is the most competent to meet this challenge. I trust this man with my life and the lives of my loved ones.

I hope each of you will vote for Paul Reece for Sheriff on March 15th.

— Mary Ellen Buechter