Reece has vision to serve

To the Editor:

I had the great pleasure of meeting Paul Reece a few weeks ago. This encounter convinced me beyond any doubt that Paul Reece would provide Miami County with the kind of leadership and vision needed to move our county forward.

Paul Reece has extensive background and experience with both civil law enforcement and military law enforcement that make him an exceptional candidate for sheriff. His experience includes 25 years as a deputy sheriff serving both Miami and Montgomery counties. His military service of 19 years includes six deployments from 2002-2014 in support of the Global War on Terror. He also has expertise in Anti-Terrorism and counterintelligence while also providing protective services for the top seven executives of the Dep’t of Defense. This service to our local counties and to our country illustrates the selfless effort he gives to serve and help keep American citizens safe.

Paul Reece was the one candidate at the Meet the Candidates Night that clearly and articulately described what he will accomplish if elected. His answers and demeanor gave a strong glimpse of what Miami County would be getting:

A strongly principled man that will strive to not only protect and serve its citizens but build a department built on old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity and honor.

I urge all voters in Miami County to vote on March 15 and then again in November for a leader with a laser focus and vision for serving the citizens of Miami County. Vote PAUL REECE FOR SHERIFF.

— Mark Youtz