Reader questions H.B. 48

To the Editor:

Do college students want concealed weapons on campus?

House Bill 48 (guns everywhere), which will soon be voted on by the Ohio Senate, could change our college campuses’ atmosphere.

If students knew guns were in the room, would they apply self-censorship when asked to honestly critique other classmates’ work? Would professors discourage discussing “sensitive topics” and encourage them to refrain from criticizing the new laws? Would professors worry about inviting a student into their office to talk about a failing grade if they think that a student is armed?

Seventy-eight percent of students, who were surveyed at 15 Midwestern colleges, expressed opposition to concealed weapons on campuses. About 79 percent of students would not feel safe if faculty, students, and visitors carried concealed handguns on campus. About 66 percent of students did not feel that carrying a gun would make them less likely to be troubled by others. Most students also believe that permitting concealed guns would increase suicides and homicides on campus.

Why in the world is our state representatives forcing this issue on our college students, most who do not want it?

Parents might ask their sons or daughters how they feel about this issue.

Call your state senator and tell them to trash this bill. District 5 representative Bill Beagle can be contacted at (614) 466-6267 or at

— George Riegle