Make an informed decision

To the Editor:

With the primary elections fast upon us I would like the citizens of Miami County to be able to make their vote based upon facts. There have been many questions about issues in the Sheriff’s Office that many feel have not been adequately answered. Before placing your vote I would encourage everyone to make public records request for these specific items so they may be as informed as possible. The citizens of Miami County have only been given the opinions of the elected officials and investigators. The citizens have not seen the information these opinions and conclusions were based off of. I would ask all those concerned and truly wanting to make a change please request these following documents. From the Miami County Sheriff’s Office: A cover letter written by Chief Deputy Duchak and sent to all media personnel in Miami County along with report numbers: 14SO06860, 14SO07988, 14SO20267 and 14SO20587; interviews done by CNA regarding the Rene Ingle administrative investigation (compare these to the interviews done by Jim Taylor).

Champaign County Prosecutors Office: The entire deed investigation packet sent to Mr. Talebi from Jim Taylor regarding the Miami County Sheriff’s deeds.

The Miami County Recorders Office: Deed involving Randy C. Smith, signed December 30, 2013; Deed signed Nov. 1, 2013, involving 1309 Surrey Road; any deed signed in 2012. Compare all three signatures.

BCI&I: Commission packet and letters regarding Chief Deputy Duchak dated Dec. 23, 2014. Again look at the signatures.

— Tina Waymire

Tipp City