Reece: A man of integrity

To the Editor:

As a voting citizen of Miami County, I have certain criteria that I look for in a sheriff. One of these is integrity. A sheriff must be above board on everything that goes on in his office, and must take responsibility when things go awry. I strongly believe that Paul Reece is the man that can restore both integrity and morale to the department.

His service to our country, both past and present, speaks loudly to his qualifications. His demeanor and approachability at recent candidate forums and public Q&A sessions is impeccable, and shows that he will be a presence both in the department, and in the community, which is sorely needed to restore the public trust in our Sheriff’s department.

He is a family man. That says a lot too, because it shows his dedication to his family, and to his sheriff’s department family. He believes in taking care of the deputies that put their lives on the line to protect and serve the citizens of Miami County.

All this said, I hope the citizens of Miami County will join me in voting twice for Paul Reece as our next sheriff, both in the upcoming primary and in November, and restore our sheriff’s department to the best it can be.

— Brad Boehringer