Reader comments on post office

To the Editor:

Re: Alex Moore’s article “Calling Around Covington” in the “Sunday” May 10, 2020 edition and delivered on Saturday, May 9.

The Covington Post Office and employees: what more can one say except “kudos.” But it made one think more on the post office. I believe that somewhere recently I saw something about the U.S. Post Office may need to file bankruptcy. What? A U.S. government agency (corporation?) filing a bankruptcy proceeding! Seems like the U.S. government is not smart enough to run a “business” and make a profit. (Another example — Conrail.) Back to the post office. Until 1971, the post master general was a member of the president’s cabinet. Things ran mainly OK. Then some smart government person decided that it would be more economical (?) to form a post office commission and remove the post master general from the cabinet. Maybe it worked for a while, but then, instead of each post office doing their own cancellations and having a two a day delivery, consolidation among other “upgrading” was thought to be the answer. So instead of mailing a letter in Covington (or use any other named post office) in the morning and having it delivered that afternoon in Covington (or Bradford, Piqua, and other nearby cities) and delivered probably the next day in many of the closer Ohio towns, it was thought more economical to first send Covington mail to Piqua to sort, then to Dayton, and now to Columbus by truck (not by railroad since the U.S. government decided to deregulate railroad and you know what happened to rail service). So now you mail a letter in Covington to Piqua and maybe it gets to the address in two days — more likely three. And then the employees get the “static” about the time it takes to get the mail delivered. They can only work with what they have to work with. Kudos again to the employees at Covington Post Office.

— James Roger O’Donnell