Residents should be thankful for progress

To the Editor:

One more comment on the Marias-High Street project.

To the Naysayers: On the comments about restoration of the existing buidlings: As I understand there was an examination of the buildings for possible restoration or reuse, but the buildings were so far deteroirated and unable to be connected economically, that resue and/or restoration was not an option. However 10 N. High St., is being saved for reuse. Many of the buildings were constructed of “soft brick” that was probably made in Covington.

True — it is a good thing to restore and reuse buildings and especially if they have a historical value — maybe nostalgia — but that is not true of 12, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24. Those six properties generate a total of $5,842.37 in real estate taxes per year. You should be thankful that Marias, not like some other companies that left Covington, is staying in Covington and will construct the new three-story building that I can guarantee will generate much more real extate tax, plus the employees that will be employed by adding to the income tax revenue.

Also, the new building will have a cafe and other first floor retail space.

I do have a bit of nostalgia for 12 N. High St., since that is where my grandfather, father and uncle started their law firm, then my dad and I, and then just me. But some buildings need to be removed for progress.

— James Roger O’Donnell