Fire department needs communties help

To the Editor:

I Mark Bradley an elderly 72-year-old veteran of the village. I attended the Joint Fire District meeting on Thursday Nov. 14.

Where were all the yes voters. There were few concerned village residents at the meeting. Those that were not in attendance, do you really care about the well-being and eventual existence of our village fire department and EMT squad.

Our departments are forced to use vintage fire apparatus, truck and an ambulance that is 25 years of age and parts are no longer available.

Residents, the till is near empty and unless significant funds are generated, and needed volunteers are trained as both fireman and EMTs, our village fire services will be curtailed.

It is time for the residents both young and old to step up to the plate and fulfill your social responsibility to your community. I am challenging others to get off the couch and become trained volunteer fireman and EMTs or risk losing complete control of your community fire department. If monies are short it is apparent that we will be joining other smaller fire departments in our local area.

At 72, I am in good health and I plan to be the first in line to volunteer for our EMT squad. Thank you.

— Mark Bradley

Pleasant Hill