Robertson right for the job

To the Editor:

Did you know the village of Covington administration vetoed the request of mine and others to paint sections of curbs yellow at corners, crosswalks, and near fire hydrants to help alleviate blind corners, make it safer for children and drivers in the school area, and provide space near fire hydrants? (See ORC4511.68 for prohibited parking acts). I was scolded and interrupted by the mayor for asking about it a third time, even though my first two requests this year were never answered. (Back in August 2015, I expressed concern about painting the curbs, and it was started the very next day.)

I even had a group of volunteers willing to buy the supplies and do the job this year, but was turned down because, “We haven’t done that in years, and if the curbs were painted in the east end of town, they would have to be painted everywhere. Case closed!” (See May 5 and May 21, 2019 Covington Council articles for full discussion.) Shouldn’t safety and visibility be important in all areas of town?

Did you know it is illegal if your motor vehicle, motorcycle, or similar vehicle is parked on a street, alley, or public property more than 72 consecutive hours? Or illegal to park trailers, campers for more than four consecutive hours? (Ord.2-16)

Did you know the village continually hires a contractor who remains thousands of dollars behind in child support?

Did you know that a resident voiced her concerns about the increase in utility rates, which created an unkind response at a council meeting?

Did you know that the mayor’s salary is $8000 per year and council members are paid $3,800 per year, which equals $158 for each council meeting? (Ord. 3-16).

Did you know that your tax dollars pay for trick-or-treat candy and hams for council, mayor, and village employees at Christmas?

Did you know that some people won’t even attend a council meeting to raise a concern because they feel it won’t do any good, or they fear humiliation or retaliation?

We need to make some changes, and get back to some civil discourse and common sense. Let your voice be heard on Nov. 5. Make Joyce Abshire Robertson your choice for mayor of Covington. She is fair minded, supports fire and safety personnel, supports the downtown revitalization projects, will treat you with kindness and respect and still get the job done.

— Kathy Miller