Council should support 28th Amendment initiative

To the Editor:

I’m writing in response to Melanie Yingst’s Oct. 16 story “Candidates, park levy focus at forum.” I appreciate her coverage of the event.

Not covered in the story was a question that asked candidates for Troy City Council whether they would support a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that makes clear constitutional rights belong to human beings only and money spent on elections is not a form of protected speech and shall be regulated. Two of the candidates said they would support such an amendment. Two said they’d have to know more about it, and one of them said he wasn’t sure the issue had much to do with the business of city council.

It may not seem like support for a constitutional amendment is relevant to local elected officials. However, it is very relevant. Decisions made in Columbus and Washington, D.C., are routinely influenced by large corporate entities that, over time, have been granted constitutional rights by the Supreme Court, and that influence drowns out the voices of the rest of us. The most obvious example today is the corporate money spent to promote House Bill 6 — which is expected to increase our electric bills to subsidize First Energy Solutions — and to block a citizen petition drive to overturn it.

I hope all Troy City Council members will learn about the move for a 28th Amendment and join the 24 other Ohio communities that have already shown support through council resolutions or ballot initiatives.

— Deb Hogshead