Vote against the JFD levy

Thinking positive about the Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Joint Fire District Levy?

JFD purchased 5.5 acres beside Family Dollar for $70,000, the village incorporated it for a new firehouse. The proposed levy will generate an estimated $419,000 yearly. In addition to the $154,565 permanent levy in place. This equals $575,565 to operate yearly. Don’t forget the money they receive from insurance reimbursements, and the approximately $500,000 they have in their balance right now. We have a small village. Does this make good business sense?

If people don’t want to volunteer for EMS (with free grant training), then we should hire the service from neighboring departments. They have two ambulances and staff accordingly already in place. If you’re having a heart attack, you will get a paramedic and number of medics required. Not a driver and one EMT managing your care.

Pleasant Hill Rescue averaged 199 calls per year in the last three years, allowing two paid EMT’s to sit idle for 75 percent of their time. The squad chief recently said at a JFD meeting, they will not do blood pressure checks, glucose finger sticks, and well checks on residents or any other preventive care in their down time. On a half-million-dollar plus annual budget. Really?

The $2.8 million proposed firehouse JFD wants to build is similar to Covington’s. Did JFD apply for any grant money, or just go to the voters?

Our village had its own police, and was deemed to expensive to pay, train, and maintain equipment for demand. I can’t see how this is any different.

If the levy is defeated, we will still have squad coverage, we will get coverage via the mutual aid agreement if asked for.

Vote against the additional permanent tax levy in November.

— Brenda Carroll

Pleasant Hill