Vote with your wallet, not your heart

To the Editor:

I am a 77-year-old senior citizen on a fixed income. We went three or four years out of seven with no increase in Social Security. And yes I do love children, but $40, plus all the other renewal levees that we have to live with, because this levy will be for 10 years, and then my guess is this will be a renewal with the words “it will not increase your taxes that you pay.”

We seem to be paying double on everything in Troy. Every issue in Troy is on a five or 10 year plans, which then gets renewed. I hope citizens in Troy will see this as a financial burden and vote “no.” Not a way to hurt the children, but a way to say to Troy to stop this continuance of taking from the citizens just because you can.

I asked council to not include seniors and to move the ball fields first out of the general funds, and there was a person who said he was in the process of building a miniature golf course, but this still didn’t change their logic to put $12 or $13 million to improve Duke Park at once then do it in small increments, which would not need money from all the citizens, which would have to pay again to use the additions.

Vote with your wallet, not your heart.

— Lester Conard