Time to stop allowing circuses in town

To the Editor:

My name is Simone Scribner. I am a student at Van Cleve on team Rocket. I am writing to complain about the circus held at Hobart Arena this week. The use of animal acts is being shut down, as wild animals are not for entertainment purposes. They should be left to help their populations grow.

First, many animals used in circuses are on the endangered list. Elephants, zebras, and lions are all on this list. Along with that, the average wild elephant will walk about 30 miles a day. A circus elephant averages walking 25 miles its entire life. The circus zebra’s life span is less than three-fourths of a wild zebra’s life span.

Also, it is much safer for those endangered animals to be in zoos. Some people argue on if zoos are even safe or better than circuses. Zoos give better care, more food and water, along with much better activity for the animals. Going back to the first section about elephants: in a zoo they have way more open space to run and be active. In most circuses, space is very limited and precious.

I hope this helps change the minds of people who support the use of animals in circuses. I ask that the use of circus animals in Troy, Ohio is never used again. Thank you again and please keep this letter in mind.

— Simone Scribner