GOP doesn’t deserve to survive

To the Editor:

The GOP, in its current iteration, does not deserve to survive past 2020 any more than the blatantly dishonest, corrupt tyrant who has totally emasculated it.

The party that had championed law and order, fiscal conservatism, free trade, supporting freedom and democracy around the world, and maintaining crucial alliances to prevent widespread conflicts and check Russian ambitions has abandoned all that and more in service of a narcissistic authoritarian whose only motivations are self-promotion, self-enrichment and self-preservation.

They have failed to respond in any meaningful way to behavior they know full well is absolutely wrong and dangerous, so scared of riling the tyrant and his rabid cult that they lie, deflect and rationalize actions that would have set their hair on fire in previous administrations. Especially during this current episode, in which the tyrant clearly tried to extort Ukraine by withholding needed military aid until receiving an assurance of cooperation in the tyrant’s obsession of shifting the blame away from Putin regarding the interference in the 2016 election, and finding some mud to throw at the current Democratic primary leader.

The whistle blower’s account, coupled with the released text messages of those tasked to make it happen, leave zero doubt of his intentions. This will only be reinforced when the second whistle blower’s account becomes known. Yet one of the GOP’s primary responses has been to suggest that this is just the latest attempt to overturn that 2016 election. They suggest that the Mueller investigation was a total exoneration (it was not in any way), and since it proved the tyrant’s innocence (which it did not), that this is just another “witch hunt.” Quite the contrary. The tyrant’s behavior regarding Ukraine proves that every bit of the suspected collusion in 2016 only matches the behavior currently being brought to light as we careen towards a full blown constitutional crisis of unprecedented proportions. The big question is whether any members of a once proud party will stand up for our country, or just continue to hand it over to the tyrant.

— Doug Smith