Robertson the best choice for Covington

To the Editor:

In response to letters that appeared earlier this week (Miami Valley Today, Oct. 1-2), I’d like to remind folks that many of the successful projects that are attributed to the mayor were realistically accomplished due to administrative assistants and the council as a whole. Whenever a business or entity is successful, the leader/manager/boss usually gets the credit. Covington has many hard-working reliable people — those working behind the scenes, many in thankless jobs. These people need someone as a leader who is willing to work alongside them. We need someone as a leader who will listen to people when they express concerns.

Joyce Abshire Robertson is the best person for Mayor of Covington! And here’s why:

1. Joyce listens intently to anyone who wants to speak to her — about anything!

2. Joyce will not cancel or change any improvement plans that have been approved and in process: High Street/downtown; Park area on Grant and Maple; Casey’s General Store.

3. Joyce does not plan to fire any current employees — administrative or blue collar.


4. Joyce does plan to invite Covington residents to all council meetings.

5. Joyce does plan to listen to citizens; she is eager to hear your thoughts concerning the growth and attractiveness of our village.

6. Joyce does plan to review financial situations/obligations and look for areas of overspending.

Please vote according to your own beliefs and standards; don’t let your vote be influenced by your brother or your co-worker or your spouse or your friends. The privilege to vote is a personal choice and your right as an American. Remember: You have a Voice with Joyce.

— Sherry Stacy