Reader encourages voting for McCord

To the Editor:

Nov. 5, 2019 is national Election Day. While it may be an “off year” for many years, it is an on year for Mayor Ed McCord for our village. We all need to re-elect Mayor Ed and keep his programs going to keep our village progressing. Mayor Ed is serving his third term as mayor (first he was chosen to fill an unexpired term and second and third were elected terms). Ed has also served as a member of council.

During his terms, he has overseen a much-needed sidewalk replacement program with the help of the State of Ohio, the Safe Routes to School program; the reconstruction of Spring and Walnut streets; and resolved the east end flooding problem.

An important project was obtaining an SRO for our great schools, funded partly from grants and promoting cooperation between the schools and the village.

Mayor Ed and council developed a comprehensive Park Plan and the Basketball Court Renovation, providing some space to relax and get some exercise.

Yes, I realize that the cost of living in Covington has gone up, but much of that cost is the result of mandates from the state of Ohio and EPA (all without providing funds).

To eventually help offset that is the reconstruction of High Street (increased traffic flow and people) and the downtown revitalization program.

Ed is a family man, married 35 years and has three children. His is a graduate of OU with a B.S. in Education and a Master’s Degree from Wright State.

Vote for and retain Mayor Ed McCord on Nov. 5, 2019!

James Roger O’Donnell