Reader endorses Ed McCord

To the Editor:

I am writing to strongly endorse and urge every citizen of Covington to support McCord for the office of mayor.

I have known Ed for over 15 years and have found him to be honest, reliable, and visionary in his endeavors to make Covington a better place for all citizens of our village. Ed has been fiscally responsible and been instrumental in bringing over $5 million in grants for improvements to our village. He has worked diligently to make both infrastructure and scenic improvements to the appearance of our town. Some time ago, we had a flooding problem on our street. Ed responded by coming to our area late at night and surveyed the situation. In a rapid response, he took actions to alleviate the situation and followed up with a plan for a long term solution. We have not experienced the problem since.

Ed has implemented major administrative improvements that are often not noticed by citizens. He has improved the use of technology within village offices, making the operation more efficient. Utility bills can now be received by email and paid online, by automatic payment, or by phone.

He has worked to develop a comprehensive park plan that will provide renovated basketball courts, a new park at the old middle school site, and a stage for musical events.

All of these things assure me that Ed McCord is the best choice for the future of Covington. He has good ideas and then takes positive action to implement those ideas for the betterment of our village. Ed is good for Covington and is well deserving of re-election.

Steve Wesco