Painting some family time

To the Editor:

In the fast paced world of 2019 it is easy to get wrapped up in all that the world has to offer. We want to give our kids the world, don’t we?

My husband spent this particular evening recently painting a gate with our daughters. He could have gotten the job done much faster alone. He could have a little less mess to clean up if he had not included them. (Oil based paint!) What is happening is much more than giving some gates fresh coats of paint.

Have you ever bought your kids a toy they just had to have? Have you ever given them a temporary fix to “shut them up”? Too often, within hours of getting a material item, kids are over it and ready for what is next.

After spending a Friday night painting a gate, my daughters wanted more. They have been working through painting about ten gates with their dad ever since. It’s not about the paint. It’s about the time. It’s about the conversation.

You don’t have to rush out to get the newest and the latest and the most popular thing. What your kids want and need, God has already wired you for. You already have the gifts. They will cost you to give though. In 2019, time is more valuable than ever. Give it wisely. Investing in God’s kingdom through the next generation is so expensive, but the return you can gain from your investment is out of this world!

— Ashley Spring McCarroll

West Milton