‘The’ trademark request is frivolous

To the Editor:

From one of “the” many online sites (wordcounter.net/blog), it states, “one, if not, ‘the’ one word most used, ‘the’ word ‘the.’” It is a fact that “the” word “the” is probably the word used most often in “the” English language.” If this is leading up to something, you are most correct.

For we people that are not well informed, application No. 88571984, filed with “the” US Patent and Trademark Office, says that Josh Gerben, a prominent trademark lawyer in Washington, D.C. (probably a graduate of “The” Ohio State University), filed an application seeking a trademark on “the” single word “the.” One guess only as to who is “the” applicant. (I just gave you the clue.) “The” Ohio State University. Have they nothing better and more important ways to spend our tax money than on a frivolous undertaking? Of course, I suppose if there are enough Ohio State grads in that office it will be a sure thing. But why? Does “The” Ohio State University plan on charging everyone in “the” US a fee for using “the” word “the?” It seems that they already gouge us sufficiently when we purchase anything with “the” name “The” Ohio State University on “the” item. (And even though we pay taxes that goes into “the” state treasury and then is used by “The” Ohio State University.) Of course, I know that there are many other funds for “The” Ohio State University (tuition, grants, donations, etc.), but it is still our tax money they are using to make those items and turn around and charge us again when we buy them. Do you suppose that “the” school up north” can think up something to top this?

— James R. O’Donnell