City has first-rate residents, emergency personnel

To the Editor:

On July 8, I was struck by a car as I walked to my car in the parking lot of a local store. I want to thank the many bystanders who came to my aid immediately. A special thank you goes to the young woman who sat beside me on the hot pavement and let me rest my head in her lap. She also cautioned others not to lift me to my feet, since we did not know the extent of damage. Other bystanders assured me that they were waiting for the police to give them their names and phone numbers as witnesses to the incident.

The Troy first responders were terrific, also. The police and rescue units arrived within five minutes. All of the responders were caring, professional, and concerned about my well-being.

The city of Troy is fortunate to have not only first-rate emergency personnel, but also first-rate citizens.

— Ann Huckenbeck