Reader’s money on Trump

To the Editor:

It seems that your Will Bunch (columnist on the Opinion page on July 10) has an ax to grind and in doing so he has taken liberty with the facts. The idea that those of us who believe in the rule of law are no different than the Democrat Klansmen of old is ludicurse. Wanting to stop people from entering our country illegally is not racist, it is common sense. While most of these people just want a better life, it is not our duty to give it to them, especially if they refuse to follow the law. People who break the law are by definition, criminals. Unless you have the connections of a Hillary Clinton, violating the law makes you a criminal.

Then, Mr. Bunch goes off on a hate rant against President Trump. While whining about how the president out spent his competition on Facebook ads, he ignores the sorry fact that all of the Democratic hopefuls are getting free, no stop support from not just most major newspapers, but CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR.

Yes, the president is being sent money. Most of it from people like me, to whom a fifty or hundred dollar check is a lot of money. In my long life I have donated the sum of $100 to political campaigns — $50 each to Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson. This year, I will be sending more than that to re-elect President Trump. All because I believe in the rule of law, and that it should be applied equally to all. That there should be no special treatment for connected people who lie under oath, as Bill Clinton did, or violate National Security as Hillary did.

— Tom Fenner