Thanks to a community that loved Fr. Ang

To the Editor:

It has been about three weeks since the passing of Fr. Angelo C. Caserta. I have been trying to find ways to express my appreciation to all the wonderful people who have shown their sympathy to my family and Amelia Caserta Gillis, Fr. Charles Caserta, my sister, and my brother. Words are hard to find.

Fr. Ang has touched the lives of so many people, not only in Piqua, but also in Cincinnati. I don’t believe he has ever known a stranger, and he has only seen the love and good in people. God has given him this special talent, and this is why he was such a great person and priest.

My special thanks to the City of Piqua Street Department, and also to the Piqua Police Department for blocking off the intersections for the funeral procession to the cemetery, and the respect the officers showed as the hearse carrying Fr. Ang passed them. What a tribute to Fr. Ang.

My thanks to Piqua Mayor Kazy Hinds.

My very special thanks to the many caregivers who have given Fr. Ang their expertise, care, and love over the many years he was ill, and not asking for anything in return. I cannot find the right words to say, but God bless them for giving their time and talents in caring for Fr. Ang. Thank you for your care and love for Fr. Ang, which gave him extra years to be with us before going to his eternal home.

I want to extend my special thanks to Judy Lohnes, the choir, and their beautiful music. Also to soloist Mr. Tom Richard, and cantor. What a wonderful god-given talent. A very special thanks to Sophie Pitsenbarger, the violinist, and the many people involved in putting together the programs. Last, but not least, to Rose Hemm and her luncheon committee and those who donated food and deserts. Thanks to all.

Thanks to Theresa Henderson and Linda Richard, our parish secretaries, and to the many people who sent cards and donations.

In writing this thank you, I know there are some I have forgotten to mention. I am sorry.

Thanks to Jerry Sowers and his staff at Melcher-Sowers Funeral Home.

— William W. Caserta and Family